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  1. RandyA

    Hubitat Thread - Pro\Con

    I ordered the new C5 hub today. There is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me to integrate what I want but I think i will be served well by the knowledge I gain.
  2. RandyA

    Redemption caveat

    When I called in to manually redeem my final few devices they included my Cellular modem. Mine was sent to me for free and was valued at $110, so if you have one be sure to get your $$$$
  3. RandyA

    Hubitat Thread - Pro\Con

    Wrote to CS asking what the Gen2 hub and mobile app would bring. Here is the reply: Thank you for your interest in Hubitat Elevation. We are very sorry to hear about the Iris platform shutting down. The mobile app will focus on three aspects, push notifications and mobile presence (geofencing) and basic device control via dashboard integration. The only thing that's different in the 2nd generation of Hubitat Elevation, is that the radios are placed inside the hub, so there is no need for an additional USB Stick. The specs are the same.
  4. RandyA

    Iris is Officially Done

    I would welcome a post concisely listing why Vera is the logical choice for former Iris users. I am looking for as seamless a transition as possible with as many of the features that were offered in Iris (mobile app, scenes, rules, security animation, integration, etc.) It would be nice to use as many of the Iris compatible devices as possible. Which ones do you support? Which packages are you offering to us at a discount?
  5. RandyA

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    Just when V1 was getting it's legs they forced us into V2 and then let it die a slow, miserable death.
  6. RandyA

    Vera vs Habitat vs Adobe

    As a Plun-n-Play person with little actual knowledge about how all this stuff works and with not wanting to spend months researching then making it all work together via apps and such, these are the three that seem most likely to suit me. Anyone else seeing it this way? Care to bounce thoughts/discoveries off of each other? I am looking for automation and security tied together with a mobile app to run thing while away. I am essentially looking for a one-to-one replacement of the Iris concept but with more/better features as Iris support and feature implementation took a dive with the forced release of V2. First thought from me is Hubitat looks strong but no mobile app yet and no idea what it will be like when released.
  7. Adobe ADT Arcus HomeSeer Hubitat Ring Scout SimpliSafe Smart Things SystronicRF Vera Wink
  8. RandyA

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I would like to start a thread to list all the possibilities so we may research and decide where to migrate to. I will dynamically update the initial post as suggestions are made. Keep me honest in case I miss something!
  9. I would like my NYCE Tilt Sensor to trigger my alarm when the garage door is opened and the alarm is on, but cannot figure out how to do this. Any thoughts?
  10. RandyA

    My iris grade is...

    D- The way they crowed about V2 being better and forced us into it. So, Parity- it should have started out equal or better and be well past that by now.
  11. RandyA

    Alexa stopped working again?

    Alexa could not find my hub. I did a soft hub reset via the Web Interface and all was good again.
  12. RandyA

    Would like to know what to add to the web portal

    It would be nice if devices that fall below a preset battery level appeared on the home page under system status
  13. RandyA

    Zwave maps

    I can't get the map to open. program keeps closing
  14. Shlage door lock will just unlock itself for no reason. I get a notification but am puzzled about this behavior. I suspect it might be caused by the fob that is in my car being seen as just arriving home, but if that is the case it should also disarm the alarm. Could it be that my I'm Home scene is actually randomly running but the alarm is already off so I don't get a notification?
  15. RandyA

    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    Click on the little icon just below the check for updates button