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  1. rlowery78

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

  2. rlowery78

    Anyone notice that an app update is rolling out?

    https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Iris-Products-Mobile-App/3rd-Gen-Hub-and-Devices/m-p/5878#M540 not to steal the thunder from here but...New hub available in some places, new camera and other devices...
  3. rlowery78

    Osram bulb experience?

    I agree, the smart switches are much better option. If you could make the bulb go to a "default" state by flipping the switch off then on again that would be awesome! However... at the discount you could get the bulbs at Lowe's recently, you could buy 4 bulbs of almost any type for the price of 1 smart switch.
  4. https://domeha.com/ Several devices from this company work with IRIS with setup instructions specific for IRIS...Just an FYI... Anyone able to get the lightify switches to work? I can get them to pair but they do not function.