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  1. I love my IRIS system! However, I have suggested this in the past, but thought I would suggest it again. Please add a rule for “water alarm triggered, turn smart plug on/off”. IRIS already has the “Alarm Tiggered Turn Lights On” rule that would work perfect if “X water leak sensor triggered” were added. I have had significant problems with my floor drain backing up with water when it rains heavily. Currently I have a water leak sensor at the floor drain and when the alarm is triggered and I’m not home I turn on a smart plug plugged into a water pump so my basement doesn’t flood. At the same time I also turn off another smart plug that is connected to my home humidifier that drains into the floor drain. I have done this a couple of times (even once from Mexico) but someday I’m not going to get the alarm and my basement will flood simply because this rule does not exist. Other uses of this would be as a backup for a failed sump pump, etc. Thanks, Richard