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  1. howkoss99

    Echo Enunciates

    I have it set it up but it never makes the announcement. If I run it manually it works.  Had that problem too. Finally disabled the Smartthings skill in Alexa, then re-enabled, then search for devices.
  2. howkoss99

    Push Notification to Alexa

    I gave up. However the next best thing was to download an app to my phone called "Voice Notify". It speaks your Notifications. You can uncheck all except Iris by Lowe's app. Then in the Iris app add the notifications you want.
  3. howkoss99

    Push Notification to Alexa

    Yes, so if the alarm is not armed and a window or door is opened I would like Alexa to receive the push notification and announce it.
  4. howkoss99

    Push Notification to Alexa

    Hello, is there a way to send push notification to Amazon Alexa? For instance when the alarm is off and someone opens a door or window. I know I can send push notification to my phone but is it possible to send it to Alexa without a voice wake command?