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  1. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    I haven't tried that, but how do I unpair a device that isn't paired yet and not showing in the device list??
  2. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    Yep. I don't think mine is resetting, since I can't get the LED to blink. It's hard to figure out how far down I need to press the switch - I remember advice from support to insert & remove the wedge instead of doing it with your finger. Anyway, I've tried all of that already, but no luck so far. This post is probably misplaced, since this is not a Hubitat issue, it's the keypad reset issue.
  3. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    I tried different sequences...waited 30 min with batteries out, factory reset with top battery, with bottom battery, releasing the switch after 2 seconds, not releasing it at all, starting discovery during/after factory reset.... Hubitat can't find it. Note, I did not remove any of my sensors from IRIS (I could not get to it in time before the shutdown), but all my other sensors paired easily with Hubitat after a factory reset. I can't figure out if the keypad is actually resetting...the PDF manual I downloaded from IRIS says a LED should be blinking every 3 seconds when it's looking for a network, and I don't see anything blinking after I reset it. To be fair, I remember having trouble re-pairing this keypad to IRIS when I replaced the IRIS hub...after a long time with support it turned out it was only resetting using the bottom battery, but not with the top one. This time nothing works. Since people are reporting pairing their v2 keypads to Hubitat with no issues, I'm thinking it's problem with my device. Any suggestions before I toss it out?
  4. virtu789

    Support Experience

    I have a 3 week old email ticket and no response. When I tried calling, the estimated wait time was more than 4 hours (!). I left a call back number, they called back in about 2 hours, but I missed it. I guess I need to try again. Bottom-lime: getting tech support will be difficult. IRIS support was a breeze by comparison.
  5. @dusterp - oh thank you so much for taking time to answer all the items – you have given me most complete help so far. Even a SmartThings rep on the other forum did not bother to answer each item. And grateful for the screenshots too! One thing I’d disagree with you though: keypads are very much in today IMHO, and that’s why it was #1 in my list. How many times I’d come home with my phone discharged and couldn’t use the app to disarm. And I hate carrying an extra fob with me. Also if I have a couple of relatives who could enter my house in an urgent situation, I don’t want to equip them all with fobs, and track their battery status, etc.…a PIN is all I want to carry around with me and give to others. So, by presence do you mean geolocation on the phone, or a fob presence? Which one does ST support out of the box?
  6. virtu789

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    I have no doubt the software part is doable by a few enthusiasts. But to keep the platform alive, people will need new and replacement hardware, starting with essentials: hubs, keypads, contact and motion sensors. Restarting the hardware production line will require capital investment and going commercial.
  7. virtu789

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    Yes IRIS did not excel on the features you mentioned, but it excelled on the overall integration/combination of multiple features in a single offering, with solid security in the foundation, which together would satisfy the majority of average and moderately advanced consumers on the market. Again, look at the SimpliSafe - inferior to IRIS but they're doing quite well because of the marketing.
  8. As I am looking at the replacement alternatives, I'm confirming what I have already known for awhile. Despite some deficiencies and annoyances, we had it really good with IRIS, and we are unlikely to find anything that can replace it. What it offered on the combination of features, I doubt any other system can match:- Solid set of security features that made it reliable and usable- Not the best, but very decent home automation capabilities- Support for numerous third-party devices and expandability with Z-wave/Zigbee standards- Most affordable. Free self monitoring and automation plan, and cheapest professional monitoring plan on the market (with cellular included!)- Low priced sensors, and even better on Lowes clearance- Aesthetics, or the cuteness factor. The core devices (keypad, contact, motions sensors) are small, compact, and cute looking. The motion sensors are especially nice - I hardly noticed those little buttons on my walls.- Hub has low power consumption (may seem like an irrelevant technicality, but super important for adequate battery backup)- Backed up by the big reliable Lowes and an extra bonus of being able to walk into any Lowe’s store to touch, buy, and return stuff without the hassles and waits of shipping (strike out reliable as of Jan 30)I haven't finished looking around, but I'm getting a sense other DIY offerings just don't measure up on the overall combination of features. SmartThings excels on automation, but has half-baked unreliable security. Abode is solid on security and free self-monitoring, but you better stick with its proprietary sensors, which are expensive and bulky in size (the motion sensor is especially ugly compared to IRIS'), and automation is still inadequate. SimpliSafe is good on security, but it's a closed system with no Z-wave support, and you can't get self-monitoring unless you pay police monitoring first, and then add self-monitoring on top of that, and pay a lot each month for the whole package, while many of us don't need pro monitoring all the time. Ring is promising, affordable, and cute, but seems like No Zwave expandability (I take that back, it's a Zwave system, albeit with constraints), but no automation at all, bulky sensors, and still long way from being a proven solution. Haven't looked at Vera and Wink, but having low expectations at this point.I doubt you will find another winner combination that IRIS had. Which brings me to the emotional point:SHAME on you Lowes, for botching this excellent product. It’s must be either indifference or marketing incompetence on the part of the executives, because IRIS had everything it needed to take off big. Just look at the SimpliSafe aggressive marketing campaign - being inferior to IRIS, it already achieved a large market presence. I see SimpliSafe TV commercials all the time - when was the last time you saw an IRIS ad? SHAME on you Lowes, you let down your customers who recognized the strength of the platform and invested in it in hopes of using this system for a long time. SHAME on you Lowes, this outcome is a disrespect and disservice to your own IRIS engineering team that developed a technically solid product, which you failed to advance.Peace out. I'm off to bed to dream that a pack of renegade former IRIS engineers dressed in hero consumes would pick up the source code and restart the whole cloud platform under a different name (ah, sweet dreams)
  9. virtu789

    Automation first, Security not so much.

    I would appreciate if you could give me some specifics. Please reply to my other post I just made.
  10. I need to migrate fast, but I don’t have time for research right now (as I’m sure many of us), and I don’t have experience with any other system other than IRIS. My primary focus is on security. Can people who have used SmartThings please answer if ST offers the security features I listed below. Note that IRIS did all these things, and that’s why I liked it very much (still can’t believe I have to start talking about IRIS in the past……..). And I want these features out of the box, not after hours of tinkering and customization. I’m looking for specific facts to make an informed decision quickly, not to have a general discussion. To keep it to the point, please contribute only if you have used SmartThings and know the answers for sure (just skip the questions you don’t know the answers for). The questions are specific, so I would appreciate if you quote my message and just put YES/NO against each question you know the answer to, and add a comment if necessary. Feel free to add your other comments at the end if desired. What I consider important for a useable security system: 1. Keypad (wireless) to arm/disarm with a PIN 2. Adjustable countdown time for arming/disarming 3. Partial arming mode – ability to exclude any sensor from the Partial mode 4. Ability to exclude a sensor from all arming modes (Full, Partial, etc), however get notified every time the sensor is opened/triggered 5. If at any time the sensor disconnects or goes offline, the system will notify me. Also, how soon will I get the notification? 6. If a sensor goes offline, or is open, and I try to arm the system, it will (1) alert me that some sensors are open or offline (2) still allow me to arm the system with those sensors bypassed 7. Notifies if a sensor has low battery 8. Records the history of all sensor events, with a timestamp 9. Provides mobile app (iOS/Android) to arm/disarm, check sensor status, view history, turn on/off smart plugs 10. Mobile app can be installed on multiple phones 11. What kind of notifications provided when the alarm is triggered: mobile app notification, SMS, phone call, email, or multiple? 12. Specify that 2 or more motions sensors must be triggered before alarm goes off, to prevent single motion sensor false alarms 13. Packages all the above features in a self-monitoring plan which is free (if not free, how much?) 14. Pro monitoring option month-to-month with no contract 15. Will IRIS sensors that work with SmartThings be supported on all the above features and can participate in the security setup with no special limitations? 16. Does the SmartThings hub have low power consumption (under 5W)? - this is critical for proper battery backup. Note that I did not ask for battery and cellular backup, because I have it handled separately and don’t need to rely on the hub for that. But it would be nice to have just in case.
  11. virtu789

    Best adhesive strips for sensors

    Consider 3M Command velcro strips for picture hanging. They come in 3 sizes (S/M/L). Small size is best for motion and contact sensors. This way you can detach/reattach any sensor anytime if you need to move it close to the hub for re-pairing.
  12. virtu789

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    If there is one last feature Lowes could give us before ditching IRIS, that would be IFTTT in my opinion. It will give us room to adapt to new changes or transition out to another system. I hope the IRIS team is listening...
  13. virtu789

    Iris Hub Bandwidth Usage Change

    I also got a good estimate at the official IRIS forum. What's interesting is that your large number of devices really push the numbers up a lot. I forgot to clarify I wasn't considering cameras in my question. But 5-6MB per day is not bad for a camera. What do yo mean by idle? 5-6MB without recording any videos at all?
  14. virtu789

    Warning About Version 2 Hub Resets

    Belated update: I had to get a new hub. The old hub went into such a deep coma not even a factory reset could bring it back. 5 months is really a short time, but I’m going to write it off as being part of the statistics. Just a curious tip to close this off. Just before the hub died, I was installing a new 1st gen contact sensor. It was already paired previously with no issues. I was putting it into a tricky spot, and I had to experiment how much leeway I had with the dots being out of alignment, so I was waiving the magnet in front of the sensor for a couple of minutes up and down, back and forth. I must have done it couple dozen times, sometimes opening and closing the sensor on fractions of a second. The hub disconnected about 2 minutes after that and never came back. I just don’t believe in such coincidences. I suspect the hub did not react well to such numerous and rapid openings/closings, and somewhere inside the software a stack got overflown crashing it for good. The moral of the story, kids, don’t trying anything creative with this evolving technology. A small step just too far off to the left or right out of the straight path of DYI automation is all it takes to mess up your entire system
  15. virtu789

    Iris Hub Bandwidth Usage Change

    OMG... Tens of GBs of data, are we serious? I’m planning to use IRIS at a vacation place which does not have broadband internet, so I plan to use a mobile internet router. I want to get SIM card with a minimal data allowance sufficient to run the hub, so I need to know IRIS data requirements: - How much data does the hub transmit while sitting idle (I assumed it should be very small...) - How large each firmware update is, and how often it gets pushed Do I really need an unlimited SIM data just to run IRIS? I find that hard to believe.