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  1. Smoke Listener

    Is there a smoke alarm listener that works with IRIS? For those who have existing interconnected smoke alarms, it's way cheaper and easier to install a single listener, instead of having to change all of them. I founds this link but it has never been released:
  2. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    Thank you for all your comments. I was mostly concerned about situations when I'm away for an extended time and my sensors just disconnect from the network and don't come back on their own, and there is no way for me to fix it, so the whole system becomes useless in the most critical task of keeping the house safe. Or not being able to arm the system when I'm rushing out the door. It seems like those kind of issues are relatively isolated and overall the system is pretty reliable. If I have just one or two sensors disconnect couple of times a year, that is tolerable (although I've also heard an anecdotal example of someone buying a 100ft cat5 cable so he could walk the IRIS hub around the house to re-connect the sensors, which sounded terrible). I also like the fact that you can specify 2 devices to trigger an alarm, although I think this idea need to be improved to be more configurable as opposed to just specifying the minimum number of sensors.... for example, if my front door sensor it tripped, that alone should be enough to sound the alarm, but if a motion sensor is tripped, then you would want to wait for one more device to trigger, etc.
  3. I’m considering getting IRIS because I really like it’s potential, flexibility, and affordability. But I’m mainly looking for a system that gives me reliable security monitoring, and I want to understand if the current IRIS version is a good fit for that. I realize this may be nuanced and subjective, but please share your opinions (note: I’ve posted this to the IRIS official community, and got a good reply from an IRIS tech, but no user opinions so far….) To be specific, I will compare IRIS to Abode and SmartThings, which I consider to be DYI systems with a similar set of features at affordable price. Abode is limited with automation and supported devices, but it’s well thought-out for reliable and dependable security, and it just works out of the box in an “arm it and forget it” kinda way. SmartThings has superior automation and integration, but users complain that it’s unreliable… e.g. often failing to recognize sensor open/close status, delays in arming/disarming, or in communicating notifications to the app, etc. Where does IRIS fit in that spectrum? Browsing the forums, I see issues with devices disconnecting from network, not receiving push notifications, etc. So, I get an impression IRIS is more like SmartThings – great for automation, but less so for security. In my case, I’m away often and for long periods, and I need a system that will arm when I tell it to, will not be sending me constant false alarms (especially if I use police pro-monitoring), will keep most sensors working, and will not require me tinkering with it every week to fix issues. It doesn’t have to be great, but it needs to be reliable in the basic security/usability aspects and not cause me major headaches while I’m away. I’ve got a good reply from an IRIS tech and it looks like IRIS has a lot of intelligence to gracefully handle some issues, like requiring more than 1 motion sensor to trigger before an alarm, or letting me arm the system even if some sensors fall offline, and adding them automatically later when they come back… Still, how isolated or widespread are this kind of problems with IRIS? Is Iris a good solution for me?