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  1. virtu789

    Non-resettable V2 keypad giveaway

    Ok guys, you fight it out and the winner PM me with your address 😀
  2. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    I see, I guess I should not beat myself up too hard for not removing it in advance. Anyway, to close the loop on this, I gave up and got another used V2 keypad from eBay. Got it reset, paired, and configured to work with Hubitat in under 5 minutes. Quite annoying that I have to throw way the old one since it was otherwise a functional keypad that worked with IRIS, but not being able to reset it reduced it to a paperweight…. Giving the troublemaker keypad away if anyone want to try their hand on it.
  3. I have what used to be a functional V2 keypad with IRIS, but after the IRIS shutdown, I could not factory-reset it and now it's useless and can’t be paired to another hub. Before I toss it away, if anyone else wants to try his lucky hand in resetting this thing, I’ll give it away, and I’ll even pay for shipping if you’re not too far from me, East Coast Mid-Atlantic.
  4. virtu789

    Device that can show power failure

    True. Many routers have it off by default. However, gives you several ping options, including an HTTP ping.
  5. virtu789

    Device that can show power failure

    Of course. The OP's topic was detecting a power outage. Technically this detects an internet outage, but one entails the other most of the time. EDIT: actually you just made me think of a better idea. If your primary router is on a UPS, and you use a secondary router for this, then ping both. If only the secondary router down, that means you got a power outage, but if both are down, then you got an internet outage only. 👆
  6. virtu789

    Device that can show power failure

    Soldering wires is not my thing, so here is a simple solution that does not involve your hub. Short story: create a free account on to ping your router using the router’s dyndns URL, and send you an email when it fails (if you want a text, use email-to-text address for your mobile number). Power down > router down > ping fails > get a text. Problem solved. Where's the catch?: if you already have a dynamic DNS service for your router (or a static IP), you’re all set. If not… there could be some cost involved. You could subscribe to one, but you probably don’t want to shell out $40/year to, so…. there are some router models that come with free dyndns service included. You can replace your existing router with a new one, or get a second router, and chain-link the two...obviously the one getting pinged should not be on a UPS.
  7. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    Yes, fresh batteries is the lesson I remember from IRIS tech support. The issue is that it does not reset (no blinking LED), so pairing is moot. I was able to reset it once before with IRIS, but looks like between then and now something went wrong with this device. Or maybe it's extremely sensitive to the timing of switch release and I was very lucky to hit it before, but not now. I'm not the only one. A few posts on ST boards of people not being able to reset these keypads. What do you mean about not matter if they were paired to another hub? I assume if I soft-removed it from IRIS then it would pair to the new hub with no resetting, but now I have to reset it because it is still paired to IRIS.
  8. virtu789

    WTB 2nd Gen Keypad

    +1. I'm next in line after @pseudonym to buy one. I need to be sure the keypad is ready to pair, and/or was successfully factory reset. I bricked my V2 keypad by not soft-removing it from the hub before the shutdown, and then it refused to factory-reset no matter what I tried.
  9. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    I haven't tried that, but how do I unpair a device that isn't paired yet and not showing in the device list??
  10. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    Yep. I don't think mine is resetting, since I can't get the LED to blink. It's hard to figure out how far down I need to press the switch - I remember advice from support to insert & remove the wedge instead of doing it with your finger. Anyway, I've tried all of that already, but no luck so far. This post is probably misplaced, since this is not a Hubitat issue, it's the keypad reset issue.
  11. virtu789

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    I tried different sequences...waited 30 min with batteries out, factory reset with top battery, with bottom battery, releasing the switch after 2 seconds, not releasing it at all, starting discovery during/after factory reset.... Hubitat can't find it. Note, I did not remove any of my sensors from IRIS (I could not get to it in time before the shutdown), but all my other sensors paired easily with Hubitat after a factory reset. I can't figure out if the keypad is actually resetting...the PDF manual I downloaded from IRIS says a LED should be blinking every 3 seconds when it's looking for a network, and I don't see anything blinking after I reset it. To be fair, I remember having trouble re-pairing this keypad to IRIS when I replaced the IRIS hub...after a long time with support it turned out it was only resetting using the bottom battery, but not with the top one. This time nothing works. Since people are reporting pairing their v2 keypads to Hubitat with no issues, I'm thinking it's problem with my device. Any suggestions before I toss it out?
  12. virtu789

    Support Experience

    I have a 3 week old email ticket and no response. When I tried calling, the estimated wait time was more than 4 hours (!). I left a call back number, they called back in about 2 hours, but I missed it. I guess I need to try again. Bottom-lime: getting tech support will be difficult. IRIS support was a breeze by comparison.
  13. @dusterp - oh thank you so much for taking time to answer all the items – you have given me most complete help so far. Even a SmartThings rep on the other forum did not bother to answer each item. And grateful for the screenshots too! One thing I’d disagree with you though: keypads are very much in today IMHO, and that’s why it was #1 in my list. How many times I’d come home with my phone discharged and couldn’t use the app to disarm. And I hate carrying an extra fob with me. Also if I have a couple of relatives who could enter my house in an urgent situation, I don’t want to equip them all with fobs, and track their battery status, etc.…a PIN is all I want to carry around with me and give to others. So, by presence do you mean geolocation on the phone, or a fob presence? Which one does ST support out of the box?
  14. virtu789

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    I have no doubt the software part is doable by a few enthusiasts. But to keep the platform alive, people will need new and replacement hardware, starting with essentials: hubs, keypads, contact and motion sensors. Restarting the hardware production line will require capital investment and going commercial.
  15. virtu789

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    Yes IRIS did not excel on the features you mentioned, but it excelled on the overall integration/combination of multiple features in a single offering, with solid security in the foundation, which together would satisfy the majority of average and moderately advanced consumers on the market. Again, look at the SimpliSafe - inferior to IRIS but they're doing quite well because of the marketing.