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    Platform Poll

    I was skeptical when purchasing the IRIS system because it was cloud based. I'm not that informed on all the systems available, but I would like to keep away from the cloud based platforms. Keeping info local will be more secure and I don't want to depend on a third party system. It looks like Hubitat doesn't rely on the cloud, but I'm not certain. Could someone post which platforms run locally but only need internet access for sending alerts and mobile app connections? I would certainly appreciate the help trying to figure out which platform will work best for my needs. I'm running BlueIris for all my video so I just need something to do the physical security (door contacts, water sensors, motion sensors, etc and the rules and such to trigger sending alerts). In the meantime, I'm trying to spend as much time researching these different platforms. Thanks.
  2. I did not try there until I saw your post. Even though I used the "add Utilitech water sensor" the system does not recognize it like the actual utilitech sensor. When I look at my options it is not there. So the Aeotec must not be recognized as such in the alarms profile. However it does recognize it when creating a rule for a leak sensor. I recently integrated my hardwired smoke alarm system into Iris using a modified door/window sensor. I can rename that contact as Smoke Alarm and create rules but again in the alarms setup for smoke detectors it is not recognized as a smoke alarm device. So yet another frustrating limitation.
  3. apschreiber

    Newbie/Smoke Detector/General Questions

    It is possible to integrate an existing home 120v wired smoke alarm system into Iris.... see the posts at...
  4. apschreiber

    Hard wired smoke alarm system

    I have done it... to an extent. I was able to integrate my 120V wired smoke alarm system to IRIS. This was accomplished using the BRK RM4 Smart Relay which cost about $15 from Amazon along with an old version Iris Door/Window contact sensor (about $20 at the local Lowe's). I got the idea to use the BRK RM4 relay from other forums. Wiring that to the existing 120V wired smoke alarm system was pretty straight forward. To get the contact change of state from the BRK RM4 relay into IRIS I took apart the door/window contact sensor, removed the magnetic reed relay and in its place soldered in two wires that were brought out of the contact sensor case. I connected the N.O. contact from the BRK RM4 to these wires. After pairing the modified door/window sensor, I renamed it "Smoke Alarm Status" and created a rule to send me an email when it senses the closed contact. Now, this doesn't set off the alarm at the Iris Keypad, but that doesn't matter to me as all the smoke alarms alert at the same time anyway. But, when I'm away from home, I'll get an email that the smoke alarms are going off. Then, I can check my cameras as needed. Photos attached of a few of the mods. The photo with the intense blue light is where I put a UV cured epoxy on the wires to add stress relief to the wiring. In the close up of the wires on the door/window sensor board, the removed reed relay is shown on the table to the left of the sensor. There is also a pic of the final electrical box mounted in my utility room. I hope this idea helps someone else!
  5. I purchased an Aeotec water sensor from Amazon since my Utilitech Water Sensor was giving me connectivity issues after two years. Anyway, there is no AEOTEC devices listed, so being that it and the Utilitech were Z-Wave, I decided to try adding it as you would the Utilitech Water Sensor. My hub recognized it right away with the description being Aeotec Water Sensor (or something like that). The sensor was added and works great. One difference I've noticed, when the Utilitech sensed water the alarm at the keypad would alarm. The keypad does NOT alarm when the Aeotec senses water. However, it does generate and email to me as was set up as a Rule. Hope this helps others...