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  1. Notifications Not Working

    You tell me why the masses aren’t having issues. Maybe perhaps not every user are in forums? 4.6 on an app is one review. Here is one also: There are a ton of not so kind reviews compared to this as well. Here’s another one. Better improvement from there original review from 2.5 to 3 stars:
  2. Notifications Not Working

    I have been in full cooperation with tech support from day one so that user inexperience does not hold water unless you want to blame tech support. Like I have said, they have looked at my app set up to the point where they wanted me to even try making rules in the web portal. There’s a reason why Iris reviews are they way they are.
  3. Notifications Not Working

    Late to my appointment and tried to arm the house again. Since all my sensors and keypads are offline you can’t arm system. Open season on my house right now!
  4. Notifications Not Working

    Really frustrated now! Had to leave my house unarmed because my family and I have an even to go to at 9:30am!
  5. Notifications Not Working

    Vetester, Iris system is going to be returned for Abode or Ring. Now with these notification issurs, a lot of devices are offline now. Highly frustrated and highly unreliable! I’m sorry...I gave this a try. Too many hiccups. I can’t inagine my kids coming home to a keypad that’s offline. Enough s is enough.
  6. Notifications Not Working

    Thanks Vetester. I have reset. Let s see what happens. Hopefully it works and o don’t have to constantly reset weekly.
  7. Notifications Not Working

    In a nutshell, that’s what it feels like. You ever try to put foil on an late 1970’s TV antenna and position it to get less snow in the picture?
  8. Is Iris App down?

    Thanks rdism. It’s up and running now. I appreciate your feedback. Keep me posted on how your notifications go.
  9. Is Iris App down?

    Is the Iris app down? I’m sitting on my couch trying to open the app since 3:34 and just decided to print screen it now. I Rooney’s my phone and still the same response.
  10. Notifications Not Working

    I would agree with you and I thought about that as well, but I have had all my rules looked at by tech support. Like I have said in previous posts on here or other forums it all checks out for them. I can sit here all day and post what works and what doesn’t, but the fact of the matter is, it’s an issue of someone is going through this. I’m not sure if the forums is the only way to justify that it’s not widespread. I would bet about half the users don’t even come in forums and go straight to support via phone/email. But there are some articles on their review on Iris that say the same thing about notifications. Don’t get me wrong, some notifications work. Sometime all of them work. But half the time some of them don’t. Especially the arm/disarm to monitor my kids and light notifications while I’m out of town. Like I said my set up is pretty simple. Im not trying to bash Iris, but for me with the professional diagnostics of their tech support looking at my profile and rules while getting the “ok” and still the notifications aren’t working consistently, it is pretty fair to say that I am a user that can fairly say that push notifications have been inconsistent.
  11. Notifications Not Working

    I know I can look at history and it really doesn’t work with how my situation is since I had learned to rely on history more than notifications. But I can’t keep on opening and closing my app when im at work or meetings. With all honesty, Iris is the only system and/or software/app that I have used that cant consistently send push notifications. The reviews on this particular matter still exist while some others like paying for upgraded automation is gone. Maybe Iris doesn’t have the budget to hire skilled programmers to fix simple issues. Emails, IFTT (when I use to use it), Ring products, Smartthings (regretting that trade in for Iris at this point), etc...ALL consistently send me push notifications and not once did it fail to do so. With Iris I get from tech support “give it 24 hours after new update for things to start working” or “delete scenes and recreated then”, or “make sure apps aren’t running in background” or one of my favorites “oh wait, you have an iPhone right? That may be an issue as well”. The sad thing is, is that my setup is almost basic. Not complex. These are simple rules and scenes. I appreciate your help for a “workaround”, but isn’t this Iris’s job?
  12. Notifications Not Working

    It already been updated yesterday.
  13. Notifications Not Working

    Vetester, I had all notifications work for 2 days (and I refrained from posting results because to see if it would keep working for at least a wee). This morning my kids light turn off light notifications and alarm disarm notification did not work. I have not changed anything. Attached are iOS notification pic and Iris history pic. This is how it is every week with my Iris with the exception of it working 4-5 days straight that one week. Other than those days it’s been hit or miss with notifications. Its frustrating and I’m not trying to be...rash, rude, dismissive (if those are the right words) about all this but it’s what I deal with every week so far since I had the system from Feb 26. I gave up on tech support support since they will tell me the same things to do like re-do scene in web portal, go to Iris on your phone and switch notification settings on/off, delete app and try rebuilding rule/scenes in app if web portal doesn’t work and making sure apps are not running in background and I have adequate space on phone. I hate to say it Vetester, (again, not tryouts my to be rash) I have been patient with this system as long as I could. You have helped me and probably grown frustrated as well with helping and hearing from me. I can’t put my finger on it. Tech support told me they are frustrated as well with my issues and do not know what’s wrong. They see everything in my app on their end and everything is set up correctly.
  14. Notifications Not Working

    Vetester, My light didn’t push notify me last night at 10:30pm pics attached. It’s odd because it’s been working pretty good. Iris History abd IOS notifications. Good thing is I got push notification that my kids light turned off and disarm alarm notification went through. We will see how long it lasts.
  15. Notifications Not Working

    I did go to drop down menu. The image I tried to insert was not existing or a url