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  1. Vellian

    V2 plugs and Z-Wave

    First floor is all metal Gang boxes and plaster walls. I gutted and redid the second floor so its all plastic but since that was last year im not in a hurry to replace the dimmers I put in. I might just keep doing all the switches on the first floor then as I renovate replace the metal with plastic since I need to rewire much of it anyways.
  2. Vellian

    V2 plugs and Z-Wave

    Its all online in the app, the wall switch doesnt like to work with the app, but i figure as I build a more robust Z-wave network it may do better, any advice on products to help beef up my z-wave network?
  3. Vellian

    V2 plugs and Z-Wave

    So I reset one of my V2 switches and placed it narly across from the wall switch and this is my map again, amd I reading this wrong or is it still only connected to my Smoke detector
  4. Vellian

    V2 plugs and Z-Wave

    Thanks i did not realize that. I will move my one smart plug to the same hallway and see if that helps
  5. Vellian

    Thermostat Question

    Not trying to flood the forum, but after hours of searching to no avail. Is there a thermostat that works with Iris that will heat and cool based on the motion sensors? I ask this becuase my wife does not have a set schedule and so our current 7 day programmable isnt great becuase there are days where it goes down and shes home with the kids, or other days we are all gone all day and it keeps kicking on and off. Thanks
  6. Vellian

    V2 plugs and Z-Wave

    Thanks I will try that when I get home from work today.
  7. Vellian

    V2 plugs and Z-Wave

    So I'm in the early stages of automating my home. I have the V2 hub, 3 v1 contact switches 1 V2 motion sensor, 2 smart plugs, the First Alert Smoke detector and 2 GE Wall switches, only one of which is currently installed MY problem is the GE wall switch (14292) keeps disconnecting and when I went to look at the map it shows it, my smoke dector and the 2 plugs, the hub though is only connected to the smoke detector and nothing else, mind you the detector is in the same hall as the switch. Can anyone give me some guidance to get the switch to stay online and the plugs to connect as repeaters. Update: the Switch is in a metal 2 gang box but the front is line of sight to the smoke detector. Here is the map 001 is the hub 002 Detector 003 and 004 plugs and 005 the switch