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  1. Cayce

    1st Gen Motion Sensor

    It was not in the device list anymore. Almost as if the new one took the identity of the installed one. I ended up taking the one that disappeared and reset it and it paired successfully and both are showing now. Weird.
  2. Cayce

    Sump Pump Alarm

    I took the survey also. I would be willing to test as well.
  3. I recently bought an eco automation multi-sensor off Ebay that was listed as working with all zwave controllers. However, when it pairs with iris 2nd gen hub, it gives me an error and the only option is to remove it. I've tried all the reset steps and nothing seems to work. I'm starting to think it's not compatible after all. Anyone?
  4. Cayce

    Hub lost lights now

    My hub's lights worked for 1 day and then went black since, but I've not had any issues with the 11 devices I have.
  5. Cayce

    1st Gen Motion Sensor

    So I have successfully paired and have been using a 1st gen motion sensor. All is well. I bought a second one and when I paired it, the first one I had been using disappeared when I rebuilt the network and it only shows the new one. Any ideas why the first one is gone?