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  1. jacobthe4th

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    I'm guessing the one using 11005310 is only capable of running that firmware version. Thanks Guys.
  2. jacobthe4th

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    @Wlepse I saw this post too, just wasn't sure what the current status was. I will look the MFG date to understand what I have. The one is clearly older since I bought it 9 months ago, and the second key pad two weeks ago. It looks like they are running on different FW versions. @Vettester Thanks, but I'm curious, is that because you know the version numbers or just because they haven't changed after being plugged in for so long? Thanks Again, Guys!
  3. I'm new to the Iris Hub and UI. I've bought a series of Iris items because they go on sale regularly at Lowe's over that past few years. I use them normally in my ST system. It's hit critical mass, now that I have integrated the Key Pads. There was an opened-item V2 Hub on sale, so I bought it to be able to push the OTA firmware updates to my devices. They've been attached for two days now, and I haven't seen any updates to the hub or Key Pads. How long does this normally take and is there a way to force it? From what I can see, it just happens and you see it on the App. What is the current Hub Firmware Version? Mine is listed as What is the current Ver 2 (Gen 2?) Key Pad Firmware Version? Below is what I'm seeing: Any advice or suggestions or posts to point me to? Thanks, Jacob