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    Pet feeder using Iris

    I purchased one WOPET A36 feeder because I finally got tired of my two pushy, food-motivated cats waking me up to be fed on weekend mornings. I only wish I had purchased it earlier! It has worked great for the six months I’ve had it, though I did make a couple of modifications to it so it better serves my needs. food tray that comes with the feeder was too small to accommodate both of my large cats eating at the same time, so I removed it and placed a square melamine tray under the feeder instead. This way, both cats have room to eat and the lip of the tray keeps the food from being scattered across the floor when it’s dispensed.I also placed a piece of black duct tape over each of the two empty spaces at the bottom of the feeder where the food tray would normally snap in. Pieces of food were getting stuck in these crevices and it would frustrate the cats when they were unable to dislodge the pieces. Since I added the tape, this hasn't been a problem.I live in an 800 sq. ft. apartment, so I can hear the low noise made by the motor when it's dispensing food, as well as the louder sound of the food hitting the tray. I stopped noticing the sounds after the first few days of use, and though I am a heavy sleeper, this hasn't bothered any overnight guests so far. My cats recognize the sound of the motor engaging and they will race to the feeder when they hear it, so I don't use the voice recording function.The cats haven’t been able to get any food out of the feeder when it's not in use, despite their best efforts. One cat still tries to break into it sometimes and will unplug the cord from the back of the feeder. This is where the battery backup feature comes in handy!