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  1. SystronicsRF

    My Apps

    There are 7 new Apps available. Please click “Update Templates” when you go to your “Settings->My Apps-> Add an App”. 2 existing apps have been updated too. There are now 35 App templates available. The new Apps are as follows: - Medicine Reminder Set up a reminder so that if you forget to take your medicine (determined by whether a cabinet or drawer has been opened) by a specified time you get a notification. Already Had Your Medicine Prompt someone that they may have already had their medicine. Turn It Off At Sunrise Turn something off at sunrise. Smart Nightlight Turns on lights when after sunset and motion is detected. Turn lights off at sunrise or sometime after motion ceases. Light Up The Night Turn your lights on at sunset and turn them off at sunrise. Brighten My Path Turn your lights on when motion is detected between sunrise and sunset. Darken Behind Me Turn your lights off after a period of no motion being observed. Scheduled to start at sunset and stop at sunrise.
  2. SystronicsRF

    Alexa for SystronicsRF

    Based on the device information that was kindly provided by many Iris users at the beginning of this year, Amazon Alexa is in most demand, with Google Assistant in second place. This also reflects their wider dominance of the Home Automation market. For this reason, our top priority is Amazon Alexa, which will be followed by Google Assistant. Once these are in place, we will certainly be reviewing the use of other voice assistants, and the demand for them, including Siri for Apple users.
  3. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to Setup a Button to Turn Lights On and Off
  4. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to Setup Lights to Turn On Before Sunrise and Then Off Again After Sunrise
  5. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to Setup Lights to Turn Off When You've Gone to Bed and There Is No Longer Activity
  6. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to Setup Lights to Turn On Automatically in the Evening Before Sunset
  7. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to Setup a Reminder When You've Left a Door Open After a Certain Time
  8. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to setup a notification when a door has been left open
  9. SystronicsRF

    How to Setup Your Home Automation Videos

    How to setup a notification when a door opens
  10. We have added some initial videos to the SystronicsRF YouTube channel to illustrate the use of the apps to setup your home automation. The first video takes you through the general steps of setting up a simple app.
  11. SystronicsRF

    Alexa for SystronicsRF

    @smittysmit Please see our more detailed response on the SystronicsRF Forum. In general, the Alexa integration was well advanced back in June, but other activities have since taken priority. A new version of the Control System with the Iris cameras fully integrated will be released by the end of this month. The completion of the Alexa integration will then definitely be our top priority.
  12. SystronicsRF

    My Apps

    My Apps has been extended to include a Novice Editing Mode option. The Apps were introduced initially by Beta Testers defining a collection of Advanced Activators, which provide the user interface, and Advanced Actions, which control the operation of the Control System. To date, users, and especially those with more challenging requirements, and larger systems, have been able to meet all of their requirements in this way, from controlling lighting, to HVAC, and security. My Apps was introduced in June to enable these Advanced Activators and Advanced Actions to be encapsulated, so as to provide a separate, self-contained App for each requirement. The Novice Editing Mode, which has now been added, provides a much simplified version of the existing, full-capability, App Designer. It is intended primarily for new users, but can also be used to create Apps that will meet many users’ simpler requirements. In the Novice Mode, the each App has a predefined function, so the user has only to select their devices. The user is guided through the selection of the individual devices, and the setting up of the App, with additional instructions at each stage of the process. It is anticipated that the full capability designer, which is now referred to as the Advanced Editing Mode, will be used primarily to meet the more sophisticated requirements. All of the Apps use the same regular Advanced Actions and Advanced Activators underneath, whether they are designed via the Novice Mode or the Advanced Mode. The only difference is that the Novice Mode provides a simplified designer. Users can switch between these two App designer modes. If the user creates an App using the Novice Mode, then they can easily switch to the Advanced Mode, which then enables them to take full advantage of the entire underlying capability of the Control System. A set of Template Apps are provided, any of which can be selected as the basis for an App in either the Novice Mode or the Advanced Mode. There are currently 25 templates, covering lighting, HVAC, safety & security, energy control, wellbeing, convenience, and green living. New templates are being added on a daily basis. Having selected a template, the user has only to select the devices that they intend to use with the App, which then makes it available for immediate use. If the user chooses to edit the template derived App in the Advanced Mode, then they can adapt it, and extend it, to whatever extent they need to meet their specific requirement.
  13. As the Iris videos for pairing and factory resetting devices have been removed, we have included them in our YouTube channel. We have uploaded about 90 videos. The playlists are organized by manufacturer, to reduce the number of thumbnails that are displayed:
  14. SystronicsRF

    System backup

    The approach adopted for backing up and recovering the system is outlined below. We are currently intervening at the point when the automated recovery is started, mainly to monitor the process. This intervention will be removed in due course. To date, only @Terminal has needed to recover his system. Apart from needing to remove and replace the batteries in a few devices, his system was recovered 100%, and he was able to continue using it without any loss of data, settings, or history. Automatic Backup All of the settings, the current data & the logs are backed up hourly, daily, weekly & monthly to the user’s secure area in Cloud. The backed up content is retained for up to 12 months, depending on the period covered by the backed up content, after which time it is deleted automatically. Manual Restoration If the system needs to be restored, a Micro SD can be flashed, and the Raspberry Pi can also be replaced, if the user wishes to do so. The Pi is booted up, and the USB network adapters are re-attached to the Raspberry Pi. The version of the backed up data to be restored is selected, and the automatic recovery is initiated. Automatic Recovery The selected version of the Control System is downloaded, and all of the backed-up data, including the device profiles and the historical data is restored automatically. All of the device connections, the Apps, Activators, Actions, etc. are all restored automatically. This leaves the Control System fully functional, without any further manual intervention, and its operation continues where it left off. USB Memory Device The Iris camera video recordings are being saved to a memory device plugged into one of the Raspberry Pi’s USB ports. This can be anything from a memory stick to a hard drive. Once this facility has been released, this same USB memory device will also be made usable for the local storage of the system back-ups, which removes any reliance on the Cloud. The complete back up set, covering all time periods, requires about 2.5GB.
  15. SystronicsRF

    SystronicRF system is now available to general public

    Hi @Smittysmit - We've sent you a PM.