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  1. Larry

    March Shut-Down

    Last night an On-Line ADT customer Support (NOT ADT / SmartThings) rep, contrary to the Lowes / IRIS / SmartThings Reps or other forum posts, indicated that the Lowes by IRIS contact sensors, motion sensors and other unnamed devices are compatible for use with an ADT system (not the ADT / SmartThings) for Central Monitoring, Cellular back up and SOME home automation via their ADT Pulse Ap. It was also mentioned that 10% monthly fee discounts are offered for some affiliations (e.g. USAA, Military, ) and similar 10-50% discounts for additional needed equipment / Installation. I am not sure how accurate this is information is, but will follow up and update since Off-Site Monitoring with a Cellular back up service has otherwise NOT been available with existing Lowes by Iris devices. Bad news is that the monthly fee is 3 times as much but it includes some unnamed maintenance services.
  2. Larry

    March Shut-Down

    Like many here we opted for Iris by Lowes for the offsite monitoring wiht cellular back up. The redemption offer from Lowes did not include any of my Door / Window contact sensors or Motion detectors. I just was told by Lowes Customer Service that the Lowes by Iris sensors are NOT compatible with the SmatThings ADT that Lowes recommends we use. I am furious that these sensors are not in fact compatible as claimed by the Redemption Team. What actions are others taking to maintain off site monitoring ?