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    Hey all.... Got my email this AM to become part of the BETA. Unfortunately, I can't wait around long enough to play with this system and I am going to SmarThings/Ring. Heads up, Costco has a killer deal on the flood light camera ones $199 a pop after $49 off. If any of you are interested I have a bunch of Gen 1 stuff I want to dump so before I pack it away in a box let me know if you want to take it all of my hands for a reasonable amount. All of the items in excellent working order. Free shipping. Email me jroyas@gmail.com 1 x Iris Gen 1 Keypad 4 x Iris Gen 1 Smart Buttons 45 x Iris Gen 1 Smart Plugs (Yes, 45!) 8 x Iris Gen 1 Contact Sensors 9 x Iris Gen 1 Motion Sensors 4 x Indoor Camera RC8221 4 x Outdoor Camera OC821
  2. JRocket02

    Iris is Officially Done

    It's been asked several times but no replies, at least that I have seen. Anyone care to comment? Just like @Soozicle1 above, besides Systronics, does VERA or any other system work with V1 devices? I have a lot (60+) devices that were perfectly working with Iris and unless I go to Systronics, I guess they are garbage now, ya? I see it has been asked but do they work with VERA or any other platform yet or should I just take them out back and shoot them.
  3. JRocket02

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Any updates on the discount/packaging for Vera this week?!? Anxiously awaiting......
  4. JRocket02

    V1 Contact Sensor Replacement

    @mikeyc Did they give you redemption credit on all those sensors? I am having a hard time with my 45+ Gen 1 Smart Plugs some of which had been disconnected or had not been in use when they ran the redemption list. I'm looking at Systronics as well with the # of Gen 1 IRIS items I have like you. Did you see they are looking for BETA testers? You should write them. I thought Smartthings only worked with V2 sensors, no? So that kind of rules them out for both of us? Thanks for your feedback in advance.