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  1. JRocket02

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    @thegillion I am not sure what I am missing. I logged in, and under the Cameras Importer section I see all my cameras and the instructions with the links to follow. I start off with Step 1 and input the Username/Password for the camera and the page open up a live image of what the camera sees and it just stays there. No "OK" or any other feedback. If I go back and click on Step 2 to apply FTP settings it rejects my username/password and the box to fill in the username/pswd just keeps popping up. I am on the same network as the cameras. Any help por favor sir? Thank you kindly.
  2. JRocket02

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    @thegillion Hey..Same guy that messaged you on your other post about Spectral. Did you get your ST hub yet and integrate these bad boys? Mine are integrated now into ST with live streaming and TAKE photos but no live video recording. That is what I am super interested in so please let me know sir I would really appreciate it. Also, just curious because you obviously are awesome with all this stuff, are you BETA testing Systronics? I'm in their BETA program but not sure if I'm going to go through with it since I'm already playing around with ST. Let me know and I can send you the BETA software they sent me if you are interested.
  3. JRocket02

    Visa Cards

    @Dan87 where did you look manually for your tracking #? Thanks
  4. JRocket02


    Hey all.... Got my email this AM to become part of the BETA. Unfortunately, I can't wait around long enough to play with this system and I am going to SmarThings/Ring. Heads up, Costco has a killer deal on the flood light camera ones $199 a pop after $49 off. If any of you are interested I have a bunch of Gen 1 stuff I want to dump so before I pack it away in a box let me know if you want to take it all of my hands for a reasonable amount. All of the items in excellent working order. Free shipping. Email me jroyas@gmail.com 1 x Iris Gen 1 Keypad 4 x Iris Gen 1 Smart Buttons 45 x Iris Gen 1 Smart Plugs (Yes, 45!) 8 x Iris Gen 1 Contact Sensors 9 x Iris Gen 1 Motion Sensors 4 x Indoor Camera RC8221 4 x Outdoor Camera OC821
  5. JRocket02

    Iris is Officially Done

    It's been asked several times but no replies, at least that I have seen. Anyone care to comment? Just like @Soozicle1 above, besides Systronics, does VERA or any other system work with V1 devices? I have a lot (60+) devices that were perfectly working with Iris and unless I go to Systronics, I guess they are garbage now, ya? I see it has been asked but do they work with VERA or any other platform yet or should I just take them out back and shoot them.
  6. JRocket02

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Any updates on the discount/packaging for Vera this week?!? Anxiously awaiting......
  7. JRocket02

    V1 Contact Sensor Replacement

    @mikeyc Did they give you redemption credit on all those sensors? I am having a hard time with my 45+ Gen 1 Smart Plugs some of which had been disconnected or had not been in use when they ran the redemption list. I'm looking at Systronics as well with the # of Gen 1 IRIS items I have like you. Did you see they are looking for BETA testers? You should write them. I thought Smartthings only worked with V2 sensors, no? So that kind of rules them out for both of us? Thanks for your feedback in advance.