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  1. ShieldOfSalvation

    Arcus Smart Home

    I suppose a community of geeks will always thrive when something becomes open source, but how much buy-in is expected from the software development circles once the code is released? I've only seen one programmer so far indicate an interest in keeping this up, but I just got here. I want to get a feel for how much potential there is that I can still make use of all my investment in Iris by Lowes home automation equipment (44 devices, and maybe just as many programmed rules!)
  2. ShieldOfSalvation

    Camera Won't Pair

    My Iris tech support call today ended with them telling me that my two new RC8221D model cameras are incompatible with the second generation Iris hub. I guess I shouldn't pout too much since the entire system is going offline in March anyway but I was so pumped that I had bought these cameras to complement the single original working RC8221 Sercomm camera I've had for years on my Iris network.
  3. ShieldOfSalvation

    Sercomm Indoor Camera RD8221D

    I'm in the same boat. Any ideas?