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  1. ShieldOfSalvation

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I suppose now your Android app doesn't work since we're past the deadline. Can you confirm?
  2. ShieldOfSalvation

    Device removal and resetting

    This is why I kept holding off on my device unpairing in Iris until time slipped me and it was too late--the shutdown had already happened. I'm now left stuck with having to find out how to reset everything.
  3. ShieldOfSalvation

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I would say that a greatly desired outcome for Arcus would be to have this new system never depend on another cloud company that could ditch us again. IMONT Technologies is a company experienced with Iris which offers such a vision--cloudless IoT. Might its software or its knowledge/vision be useful to this Arcus project?
  4. ShieldOfSalvation

    IMONT Cloudless IoT

    Today, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of IMONT Technologies, Larry Poon, replied to my inquiry in relation to what hopes Iris users might have in his company's products. He offered the following and gave me permission to publicly post it: From: Larry Poon Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 7:36:57 AM To: Jose Rosario Subject: Re: Lowe's Iris Customers Dear Jose, Thank you for contacting Imont. We’re sorry to hear about the upcoming shutdown of Lowes Iris. Our understanding is that Lowes are recommending that customers migrate to Samsung’s SmartThings, which is a well established offering that should support most of the recent devices. Today, Imont does not offer its solution direct to consumers, although that is something that we’d like to do in the future and we’re always thinking about the best way to do it. Our software is primarily for businesses who use it to create their own customised offering to consumers. We are a pure software company, and today we do not have any of the customer support expertise, infrastructure and teams necessary to interact directly with large numbers of individual customers, to help them migrate to an Imont-powered solution and get the best from their systems. Imont’s software is in principle capable of supporting the majority of devices on the Lowes Iris platforms, v1 and v2. There are a small number of Iris v1 devices that use non-standard Zigbee profiles, and a few early devices with particular firmware shortcomings that may be more difficult to support. Imont’s software has many benefits, not least that it doesn’t rely on an extensive cloud service. Systems which are cloud-based (as you’re experiencing with Lowes) give rise to a serious concern about the lifetime of the system, since someone has to commit to continue operating that cloud service indefinitely, which is also costly. Imont believes that once you buy a smart home system, it belongs to you, and it should continue to operate as advertised for as long as you want it to. You should not have to compromise your privacy, your data security, or the reliable operation of your home by being forced to rely on cloud services that you have no control over. (Full disclosure here: to support particular devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home etc. which ONLY allow cloud-to-cloud integration, Imont must connect to and rely on the Amazon and Google cloud services for those devices like every other system.) We are sorry that today we are not ready to offer a direct-to-consumer solution that could immediately assist Iris customers, however we will watch the situation closely and contact you if that changes. Regards, Larry Poon Co-founder and COO IMONT Technologies Limited, London, UK
  5. ShieldOfSalvation

    IMONT Cloudless IoT

    There is a new home automation contender called IMONT ( buing built by former AlertMe team members--folks who were behind the first Lowe's Iris hub. I learned about this at I'm not sure if these folks might be getting the Iris cloud server code, but they claim their product will not require a cloud server at all. I mention it here as I presume they may also have their hands in the Arcus project or have some intimate familiarity with it because these were clearly developers for Lowe's Iris before. Perhaps this topic deserves a new folder under Home Automation Systems.
  6. ShieldOfSalvation

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I found an Arcus site at Is this the company taking over the Iris system?
  7. ShieldOfSalvation

    Arcus Smart Home

    @thegillion, do you suppose we'll have to re-pair all our devices when Arcus debuts?
  8. ShieldOfSalvation

    Arcus Smart Home

    I suppose a community of geeks will always thrive when something becomes open source, but how much buy-in is expected from the software development circles once the code is released? I've only seen one programmer so far indicate an interest in keeping this up, but I just got here. I want to get a feel for how much potential there is that I can still make use of all my investment in Iris by Lowes home automation equipment (44 devices, and maybe just as many programmed rules!)
  9. ShieldOfSalvation

    Camera Won't Pair

    My Iris tech support call today ended with them telling me that my two new RC8221D model cameras are incompatible with the second generation Iris hub. I guess I shouldn't pout too much since the entire system is going offline in March anyway but I was so pumped that I had bought these cameras to complement the single original working RC8221 Sercomm camera I've had for years on my Iris network.
  10. ShieldOfSalvation

    Sercomm Indoor Camera RD8221D

    I'm in the same boat. Any ideas?