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  1. Eddie

    March 31st - Doomsday?

    Thanks, That is helpful to have in one place. I plan to reset everything today through the app but the backup reset instructions may come in handy.
  2. Eddie

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    I received the invite as well and accepted. I have nearly all gen 1 devices.
  3. Eddie

    Who hasn't migrated already?

    I have not. I am playing chicken. I originally decided smart things, then thought I would wait for Systronicrf, then I looked at hubitat, briefly thought about open home all the while hoping Arcus will rise from the ashes. But I really have a question of my own. Do I need to unpair all my devices before Iris’s final breath? Would that make the easier to re-pair later?
  4. Eddie

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    I paired a few devices just after the initial announcement that I had just not bothered to pair before. When I applied for the rebate it did not include them. They apparently took a snapshot at the time of the announcement. I called and they revisited my list and paid for the newly paired ones as well. Basically if it doesn’t see your new devices call them, They were very nice about it.
  5. Eddie

    Arcus (Iris) Smart Home code posted.

    I am going to start trying to build and load this to my raspberry pi 3b+ this evening. I will be happy to join a joint effort. Eddie
  6. Eddie

    The Iris Hub runs Java

    Interesting. I expected the mobile apps to be in java or python but I expected the hub app to be in c++ or python. (just my bias) but I can’t imagine what a zwave parser would be doing in the mobile app.
  7. Eddie

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    An encouraging development... there is code for an Arcus IOS and Android app at GitHub. I haven’t looked at it other than to see that it is there I am looking forward to the open source code. I would be most happy to get a minimaly functioning system for self monitoring running. Realistically, I don’t thIs is going to happen quickly but I have a Raspberry Pi, a zigbee stick and a z wave stick and I am going to see what I can do. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what language Arcus code is written in? C++, python, java? Is anyone planning a group effort for arcus development?
  8. Eddie

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Received mine this afternoon. I applied for the redemption during the first week. No notification, web or otherwise, that it was coming today.
  9. Eddie

    Platform Poll

    Short term I’m going to buy equipment required for SystronicsRF and play with openHab until systronics and arcus are available then play with them. Long term if I’m not satisfied with one of those then I will probably go to a minimal Smartthings system. My needs are pretty basic so my old iris sensors with an open source system will probably adequate,
  10. Eddie

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    I have a gen 1 iris system nearly completely. I am using only motion and door sensors and a few smart switches. Two of the smart switches say they are WiFi but were included in what I am getting reimbursed for. i am thinking I will move to smartthings since I must replace everything anyway. My main question is does any plug that says it is WiFi work with smartthings? Is there any safety risk I in purchasing cheapo devices? What specs should I look for when purchasing devices? After purchasing the necessary stuff for the smartthings system I should have enough left over to get a raspberry pi module and accessories for the systronics system(or maybe arcus) when it hits and maybe figure some way to salvage some of my iris devices. Eddie
  11. Eddie

    Things I am planning for Arcus

    I purchased gen 1 hub and devices and never upgraded to later devices except for 2 WiFi smart plugs. I was quite happy with my system. I am making out ok with the refund. Enough so to get a new hub (probably the latest smartthings hub) and at least the minimum number of door and motion detectors and maybe have enough leftover for a trip to McDonald’s. As I have bunch of these gen 1 sensors I would love to see a way to reprogram my gen 1 hub to act as some kind of bridge to another system. I.e., repeating the zigbee event as something recognizable by another system or translating it to a WiFi event. I am not familiar enough with the hardware or protocols to know if that is reasonable but it seems like it should be fairly straight forward. I am a retired embedded systems programmer so may be able to help with some development. If you are making a list of volunteer programmers add me to it. Sounds like fun. btw... I am betting technology changes enough in the next few years that we will see a lot of abandoned technology products. Don’t expect the kind of good deal we are getting from Lowe’s from anyone else. Thankfully, Lowe’s has a big customer base they want to keep happy. Eddie