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  1. Mike2019

    Hubitat V1 Motion Sensor support is flaky

    Thanks, I am back up 🙂
  2. Mike2019

    Hubitat V1 Motion Sensor support is flaky

    Thanks IrisUsers, this all started when I replaced the batteries in some of my motion sensors. I think I now need to complete reset zigbee since all my motions sensors are now fouled up.
  3. Warning, the Hubitat V1 Motion Sensor support if really flaky. The V1 plugs work well; but, the motion sensor support is lacking. Today I notices only one of may 8 motion sensors was working with the Lighting app. I turned on logging and received no data from the failing sensors. I then removed one of the broken sensors and re-added it. It took several attempts; but, once added the working one stopped working. I guess I should do a complete reset of all the devices and try again. Also did a restore from the last working config before which worked yesterday before resetting anything. 😞 ... Not ready for prime time.. Has anyone seen reliable v1 sensor support with several sensors?
  4. Mike2019

    Thanks Hubitat

    Thanks Hubitat my V1 motion, contact, and plugs are working. I appreciate the effort in getting this working prior to the IRIS shutdown. A few minor things, can the contact and motion sensors be integrated with Alexa routines? They don't show up as devices there. This is a minor thing, they were not integrated into Alexa routines when connected via Iris. Excellent job.
  5. Mike2019

    Echo Enunciates

    Above, disabling and re-enabling the Smartthings skill fixes issues with announcements only working manually.
  6. Thanks, whoever can solve this problem has my business.
  7. I know this has kinda been answered in multiple topics but it is not clear to me at this point. I have a bunch of 36w13 Lowes v1 plugs I would like to not trash. Also there appears to be an Arduino zigbee hack in this forum, so I am curious why other hub vendors have not figured it out. Thanks in advance.