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  1. missedtheboat

    I have an Iris Hub, but no Iris account. Help me!

    Gotcha - all of my devices are v2 (since they work with ST), so I think you're right. However, I still want to get the firmware updated before Iris shuts down, if possible.
  2. Hi everyone, I own many Iris sensors and plugs, and use them with SmartThings. I also happen to own an Iris Hub (v2, I think) that I got for free when buying some other sensors from Lowe's. I never set up the Iris hub, but I kept it with the thought that it might be useful to do firmware updates in the future. Now that Iris is shutting down, it looks like I'm too late - they've completely disabled account registration (confirmed in an email from Iris support). Without an account, I can't register my hub and connect up my Iris devices so they can get their firmware updates before Iris shuts down and stops delivering new firmware. Additionally (but of less importance to me), without an account, I can't participate in the redemption offer. So, I'm looking for someone to help me. If you have an Iris account and are willing to help a stranger on the internet out, please contact me! Here's what I'm hoping for: someone willing to share their Iris account so that I can log in, register my hub, link my devices and let them sit a couple days to receive firmware updates. Bonus points if you haven't gone through the redemption process, because my gear might be worth something. I understand this is a big ask. Perhaps there is someone out there who has already migrated away from the Iris platform, and their account is unused (so sharing it wouldn't be a risk). In exchange, I'm willing to split some of my equipment redemption reward should there be one. I'll be at your mercy anyways, since the redemption would go to you. If anyone has any other ideas on how I could get firmware updates onto my devices. please let me know. That is my main goal - I want to get any available updates so that my devices work as well as possible with SmartThings (and, eventually, Home Assistant... but that's another post lol.) Thanks! Tommy