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  1. dmg4usc

    March 31st - Doomsday?

    Does anyone know what will happen on March 31st? Will the IRIS app on my phone just delete itself? Will it still work and just not be supported?
  2. dmg4usc

    My .02

    I too figured that since IRIS recommended SmartThings, I would go along. I am so disappointed with Lowes for doing this. My situation is that I have a rental on Airbnb. IRIS was great in that I could change the codes on my programmable Schlage door locks with the IRIS app. I have paired my first lock successfilly. However, in the SmartThings app, there is no way I could find to change, nor add, the lock codes. Am I missing something? Another disappointment with SmartThings is that I have to physically take the hub to within 10 feet of the device in order to add anything. If this thing is supposed to communicate with everything in the houses from one central location, why do I have to take it to within 10 feet to pair? Seems a bit ridiculous.