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  1. BigHoss

    Arcus (Iris) Smart Home code posted.

    Standing at the ready for whatever we need to do...
  2. BigHoss

    Arcus Smart Home

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, I would absolutely hate to see Iris go away entirely, it was a pretty good system with a ton of potential that I think Lowes / Iris management never really allowed to come to fruition either by restriction, or simply not investing the staffing hours needed to get the job done 100%. I have migrated to ADT SmartThings, and am enjoying the ecosystem, but have several other projects that Iris / Arcus would be a good match for given the hardware that I currently have. So for now, until I learn of the eventual fate of Arcus, either the project launches, I say to heck with waiting for some sort of feedback and launch a fork of my own, or just say to heck with it and throw in the towel, I am boxing up my Iris hardware, All 16 1st gen contact sensors, the secnond gen keypad, and hub, and am waiting... My 2nd gen contact sensors, and motion sensor are in use on the SmartThings rig monitoring my home office, and my current workshop space. (One of the projects in work is building a dedicated workshop building on my property, which will need to be monitored.
  3. BigHoss

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    There is a lot more that needs to happen. WIthout even glancing at the code, there is a cloud component to it, that would have to be set up, and the rest of the pieces would need to be pointed to the cloud part. Any missing holes in the code need to be filled in, and tons of testing needs to happen. The code right now is sitting at Anyone can grab it, and have a good run at it. I'd rather see this handled in an organized, sensible fashion, with one project working with multiple team members trying to achieve a common goal, nothing of that type has visibly emerged yet, but there are hints and whispers of such a project... Be patient..
  4. BigHoss

    Arcus (Iris) Smart Home code posted.

    Just noticed that the Arcus code has been posted to The pieces seem to be... arcusipcd arcusplatform arcusweb arcusios arcusandroid I've said it before, I will say it again. I am not of the skill set to tackle this solo, but I have skills to offer to get this flying... The question I have is, is anyone launching an open source project to manage this and get it off the ground? I'd hate to see Iris totally gone, and I have applications where I can still use my old 1st gen stuff, the hub etc...
  5. BigHoss

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    Any updates on Arcus Smart Home? Conversation here has been dead....
  6. BigHoss

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    Nice. Do you know if this will handle the OC821 cameras? I still have 4 of them that I could put to use in my system.
  7. BigHoss

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    Not yet. Haven't finished reviewing what is out there yet...
  8. BigHoss

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    So do you happen to know whom the Arcus team is made up of? Perhaps some contact info would be great... Lest we fork off twenty different ways ang nobody gets anywhere fast...
  9. BigHoss

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    So you have the domain locked up, are you planning on an open source project foundation in the vein of the Linux Foundation, Apache Foundation whatever and a full on open source project for Arcus? Do you need help with any of this?
  10. BigHoss

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    You're heading down the thought path I was going down... UV and rain will eventually destroy contact sensors, not to mention depending on your environment, dust. Typically outdoor rated devices are sealed from the elements, and are UV stable... ish... Do what you can to isolate from UV, dust and rain as best you can. Going to need to get creative but can be done...
  11. BigHoss

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    What's the application? Can you protect the sensor itself from rainfall? I.E. is this maybe for a shed door? Why not mount it internally instead of externally? If you want to track say a gate, perhaps a camera / light with a motion sensor is a better solution...
  12. BigHoss

    IMONT Cloudless IoT

    I'm not sure what to think about that... While it is exciting to see that there is another group jumping into the fray as it were, and with local processing instead of cloud based no less, I am still more in favor of opening up the platform entirely for reasons I have outlined in other threads. Yes it would be fantastic though, to again, have an open platform and locally based, however there are functions that would most likely have to be cloud based such as SMS / VoIP messaging.
  13. BigHoss

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    Okay that's funny right there I don't care who you are... Sadly the analogy is somewhat imperfect. The immediate battle might be slowed down, or even lost, but the war is far from over. A naval reference might make more sense... The ship we are on (iris) has a huge hole in it, but we have teams that are trying to seal that hole, and pump the water taken on back into the ocean, there is another ship, say Smartthings, but just about any proprietary platform would fit the bill, is more or less Shroedingers cat of ships. It's either sinking, or its not, and the only way to know is to jump onboard and see if you are getting wet... The way I see it, the whole smarthome market is right now in a disaterous state, with proprietary platforms popping up all the time, and those same platform vendors appearing and failing at a shockingly fast pace. The only way I see long term survivability in this market, and honestly a less abusive approach to consumers, is to have a set of established open tools that everyone can use. Zwave and Zigbee without the proprietary extensions would have been a fantastic start, and hubs that implement those standard sets of features. So for example you can mix ring cameras with a smartthings hub and Iris contact sensors etc... A good example is I can use an HP printer on a Dell computer with no problem. I should have the same sort of compatibility with home automation and security. I know it's a lot to ask, but consider it like say the hubs would be akin to a PC, with the required radios etc... And a general purpose operating system optimized for HA / Security. Each vendor would provide drivers just like the various vendors of PC hardware do, and then the UI software and quality of the hardware would be the differentiation space between vendors. Say some vendors provide contact sensors with heat, and maybe humidity sensing capacity, The problem at this stage is, each player in the game right now wants to be king of the hill, and by means of proprietary extensions, and designed in incompatibilities, we end up with a mess of tiny hills, that are really no more than piles of sand, that are unstable, and unable to withstand the wind shifts of the market place and do not provide a secure foundation for consumers. The approach I am talking about is building a MUCH bigger hill, out of much more solid materials where even though there would be more entities vying to be king of that hill, there is room for many more on the hill itself...
  14. BigHoss

    The Iris Hub runs Java

    So then, are you saying you are reposting source code that you obtained illicitly, potentially illegally, and is not open sourced potentially in violation of the license terms and copyright? Interesting...
  15. BigHoss

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I looked into it somewhat yesterday, and I need to go over with a finer tooth comb the Apache license they appear to have released it under. I have typically worked with GPL V2 licenses and am not super familar with the Apache licensing framework. While I think open sourcing is a great thing, I can't see unless something goes terribly wrong with the Arcus project, a valid reason to fork a derivative work off of it. Of course I am limited to my own perspective so there might be, I just don't see it...