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  1. Spott5000

    How to write a Driver

    @AndrewX192 Thanks for posting that! How difficult would it be to port this over to Hubitat?
  2. Spott5000

    How to write a Driver

    @Terk Yeah, that I think was supposed to be the plan. I'm thinking it MUST be possible though if systronics got it to work. It's very frustrating because those V1 keypads are literally gold. Very well made. Actually, they have literally got EVERYTHING to work, including all of those Iris cameras.
  3. Spott5000

    How to write a Driver

    Not sure where the best place to post this is. I could really use a driver for my Iris V1 Keypad (for use on Hubitat). I don't know if anyone here has made an attempt, or who has any insight on how to start. I'm not a programmer, so I don't really know where to even start to learn how. Anyone know how I could even start on something like this?
  4. Spott5000

    HubOS code released

    That's kind of what I was thinking- If someone who knew what they were doing could host it, then it would be much easier to get people on board. And I bet people would donate at that point to keep it going.
  5. Spott5000

    HubOS code released

    I'd really love to ressurect my Iris v2 or V3 hubs, but this is just way too technical for me- and I suspect probably a lot of people. I wish it could be made simpler somehow, and the hardware requirement for what this is, seems insane to me. Good luck, and maybe one day...…...
  6. Spott5000

    Iris V1 Keypad Driver

    I think he gave up. The thing is, they have them working on systronics hub/software.
  7. Spott5000

    Iris V1 Keypad Driver

    I made the switch to Hubitat from Iris. I had hoped Hubitat would release a driver for the Iris V1 keypad but it never happened. Does anyone have a working driver?
  8. Spott5000

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    I definitely miss Iris. I switched to Hubitat, and while I've gotten it to do what I need it to do, it's been a complete bear to figure out. If I had ANY trouble with Iris, I could call them and someone who spoke good English was on the other end of the phone and always solved whatever issue I had. The user interface was great and the devices just worked. I found Iris to be bulettproof- I used it on both mine and my dad's house and could monitor both remotely with ease. If any Iris employees see this- you rocked.
  9. Spott5000

    3rd Gen Keypad Backlight

    I just checked mine. It seems to be lighted very evenly. I took it in to a dark room to check.
  10. Spott5000

    Device that can show power failure

    That looks pretty awesome @Terk. Any idea what the power draw is on thet 12v power supply?
  11. Spott5000

    Device that can show power failure

    Like @sparc says it's important for me just to know my power is off. It usually happens when the weather is bad- and if my sump pump quits, it's a big problem. I have all my network stuff on a UPS. That's easy. But like I said, Iris knew when the power went off and sent me a message. @EyeRuss, Your solution looks like it would work perfectly- albeit a bit less than elegant. That might be my only option though. It just seems like there must be some device with a built in battery (for example the iris range extender or maybe a siren or something) that might achieve the same goal. Something with a built in battery that could send a notification if it switched to battery mode. I may wind up using your idea @EyeRuss, but I'm going to keep looking- if I find a solution I'll post it.
  12. Spott5000

    Device that can show power failure

    I am using Hubitat now (but am investigating SystronicsRF). I miss the ability of all versions of Iris hubs to be able to notify you of a power failure. They could do this because they had internal backup batteries. I've not found anything else that can do that. I would think any device that had an internal battery- such as the Iris range extender- could do that- as in send a message back that it had switched to battery from AC. Has anyone found a solution to this?
  13. Spott5000

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    The Ver 1 Hub actually seemed to work quite well. Of course, back then, there was only V1 equipment to pair with it but it all worked seamlessly. Just my experience though.
  14. Spott5000

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    I got a ver 3 hub, and it really seemed to work great. I'm pretty sure it's range was a whole lot better. Seriously a crime that the system got dumped so fast after being released. I wish I could understand the stuff @AndrewX192 has done, but it's just over my head. Hopefully if you get things going, it might be possible to make it all easier to understand. Glad you are doing something though
  15. Spott5000

    Not ready for prime time

    I'm afraid I agree with Gary. Hubitat is very functional, but with extremely poor documentation that makes it VERY difficult to use. It's a hodgepodge of individual apps, and unintuitive rules, that you only learn to use with patience and trial and error. I still am having trouble even accessing the cloud dashboard- it works for a little while and then nothing. This is completely unacceptable, and yet you have people loudly proclaiming Hubitat doesn't even need an app (and there still isn't one). I am a total geek, and have no trouble setting up pretty much anything, and I will say most average Joe's will struggle with Hubitat. I have Lowes iris contact and motion sensors that report Temps of 7000 degrees if the temp is somewhere colder than 32F. Why? They are supposedly supported and I need that functionality. At any rate, that's been my experience. I am planning on continuing trying to make Hubitat work for me, but it's been a very challenging experience to say the least.