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  1. mr_mike59

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    Going to accept as well. Almost all my devices are there, and if I'm part of the program, it's more likely that those last few will be supported sooner. Mike
  2. mr_mike59


    Is there any more news on this system? I like what I've seen so far, but I'm getting antsy since we are at Iris End - 8 days. It looks like all but possibly my garage door are possibly already working, and I have the new parts acquired so I'm just looking forward to when I might be able to start preparing for the new system.
  3. mr_mike59


    Actually have the Genie Aladdin Connect Garage Door Opener as well, if you still need to develop an integration for that. Mike
  4. mr_mike59


    How close to GA are you? From your list, all of my devices are now covered, and I have my Pi and Zigbee radio in hand. Eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get moving, and contribute where I can!!! Mike