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  1. Yes, you can design the dashboard pages with historical graphs too. Only down side is that you can't easily integrate with other services at the moment, so as you mentioned in an earlier post there is the UI issue of always being tied to the SRF web interface. I vaguely remember something about Amazon Alexa integration at some point, but maybe I was dreaming? That would point to an opening up of the system to some degree. I was hoping to make an integrated kitchen dashboard with controls for music, radio, data from the smart meters, plus control with SRF, but until there's an API or other integrations that's not going to be possible.
  2. roobarb!

    Access to Beta Group

    No problem, just sent a message.
  3. roobarb!

    Access to Beta Group

    Hi everyone, Wondering if I could get myself added to the SystronicsRF beta group? I'm based in the UK testing the system with the AlertMe Gen 1 devices and it would be nice to compare notes with how things are going with Iris. Cheers!