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  1. Philips21

    Iris V1 Devices Now Supported!

    Awesome @spollo, this should help @Giles for his mailbox. I created the driver using the link you provided, but am curious how do I pair it. Do I use the standard Zigbee button or the IRIS V1 Zigbee? Thanks don't have to wait for 2.0.9 anymore it looks like.
  2. Philips21

    Iris V1 Devices Now Supported!

    Best news ever! Besides still needing to get the Senior Care Pendant and Keypad........any idea if/when they will be providing support for the IRIS camera and the two different versions of the NYCE Tilt Sensor as well? I have the non-HA version tilt sensors.
  3. Philips21

    SystronicsRF vs Hubitat

    So I can buy a Hubitat hub right now and get those five V1 devices going before the March 31st shutdown? Any idea if they will be providing support for the IRIS camera and the two different versions of the NYCE Tilt Sensor as well ?
  4. Philips21

    SystronicsRF vs Hubitat

    Thanks everyone. There is another post that indicates Hubitat has had success getting the Gen 1 devices paired. When considering the potential costs for SystronicsRF as compared to Hubitat and if they both support Gen 1 devices, then Hubitat seems like the way to go.
  5. Philips21

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    This is all great news for all of us who haven't figured out what platform to transition to. Until I saw this I thought that SystronicsRF was going to be the only way to go due to the numerous Gen 1 devices I have, but now I can buy an actual HUB from Hubitat, not have to create my own HUB, and then still buy the software or pay a monthly fee. Hubitat all the way! Seeing as how March 31st is just around the corner, is there an ETA on the new Hubitat version that supports these IRIS Gen 1 devices and also when a mobile app for Android and IOS is expected?
  6. Philips21

    SystronicsRF vs Hubitat

    Curious if there are any SystronicsRF beta testers who also have experience with Hubitat. Assuming that Hubitat might also eventually get the IRIS Gen 1 devices to work, which platform would you recommend and why? Looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say, thanks!
  7. Philips21


    Great, thanks Terminal and everyone else for confirming the V1 buttons. I see in the list above the NYCE Tilt Sensor...….there are two versions, one is HA (V2) and one is not (V1). I have the version 1 NYCE Tilt Sensor, will SystronicsRF support this device as well?
  8. Philips21


    Is the IRIS V1 Button going to be profiled for SystronicsRF? I use several of these buttons to control smart plugs creating a half-way switch essentially. I see the AlertMe Button on SystronicsRF website but not the IRIS V1 Button. Thanks!