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  1. MikeS

    Archive Iris support and forum?

    I personally think a wiki would be a great use. It was very nice of you to write Will but if he doesn't have an interest I would go for it.
  2. MikeS

    Archive Iris support and forum?

    So the forum will be going offline any day now (was supposed to be yesterday) but the support articles and knowledge base will remain online for a year. Least I was told that, but still be worth archiving as you never know.
  3. MikeS

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    Yeah, v1 was a completely different back end platform. v2 and v3 are identical from the platform perspective, really all v3 was was a new generation of hubs and zigbee 1st party devices (which a lot of HW and FW improvements).
  4. MikeS

    Goodbye and thank you all

    Hi, I am one of the engineers on the Iris team and just wanted to post here to thank you all for being part of the Iris family. This is an incredibly sad day for all of us and I know for many of you as well. Speaking personally, being a part of Iris has been one of the most rewarding jobs I've had in my career and I will miss it greatly. I am really honored that so many of you trusted your safety and comfort to Iris, and so sad that it is ending. All of you (and the many many more who don't post to forums like this) are the reason we came to work every day. I will miss you...so long and thanks for all the fish. -Mike