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  1. AndrewX192

    How to write a Driver

    It's hard to say, that depends on skill level and potential platform limitations. In general, I've had good experience porting code form hubitat and smartthings to run on Arcus, but I haven't gone the other way. This specific driver runs on the hub and the groovy equivalent isn't fully-featured from my quick glance. If there's an existing keypad driver you may be able to use that as a starting place, but again I'm not too sure about the limitations of Hubitat
  2. AndrewX192

    How to write a Driver

    The IRIS/Arcus driver can be found here: Note that it's in java instead of groovy as this driver uses a "built in" (e.g. Java) defined reflex for local processing.
  3. AndrewX192

    HubOS code released

    Unfortunately Arcus is unlikely to get to a place where it's easy for someone non-technical to onboard. However, there is hope to make it fairly easy for people that already have the infrastructure available to run it. While Arcus will likely not run on any raspberry pis for the next few years, lower cost servers and even older desktops/laptops would be the way to go for smaller use-cases. Perhaps someone will step up to host it for the community - it would be easy to onboard new users in that model.
  4. AndrewX192

    HubOS code released

    Did you follow the instructions for "Release Testing" in the README? The hub will look in the root of the USB drive for update images, but it needs to be the signed version. Please also note that `master` on arcushubos is based on Yocto 2.4, there's a branch based on the latest version of Yocto Linux if that interests you.
  5. AndrewX192

    HubOS code released

    AFAIK nobody is working on that for HomeAssistant or SysfronicsRF. I doubt there's much value in trying to support SystronicsRF since they don't support the zigbee chipset in the IRIS hub - their solution runs higher level in the stack and thus they're dependent on multiple Zigbee coordinators in order to support AlertMe and HA devices. I've already been able to get the HubOS built and operating on a number of Arcus deployments, with a very modern (4.19.78) kernel, so the future seems pretty bright for hub tweaking. The Hub only has 2GB of persistent storage, so any non-IRIS use cases will be confined.
  6. AndrewX192

    Hacking the 2.0 Hub.

    With the release of the full HubOS (, it looks like we'll finally be able to dig into the bootloader issues and make more progress towards updating/changing the hub's software.
  7. AndrewX192

    HubOS code released

    The code & buildscripts for the IRIS Hub (v2 and v3) was released today! With this release, it should be possible to update the hub to more modern software or to generally purpose the hubs (which can be found for $5 on eBay) as general purpose devices... say for running Home Assistant, or some other lightweight system.
  8. AndrewX192

    Iris Instructional Videos Gone

    Some of the videos are now available on
  9. AndrewX192

    Iris Instructional Videos Gone

    FYI: The IRIS Instructional videos disappeared very recently (probably this week). These videos contained valuable information about how to pair and reset devices that wasn't easily discoverable otherwise. Fortunately, I have a backup copy of these videos and hope to get them re-uploaded in a few days.
  10. AndrewX192

    Arcus Smart Home

    I'm currently in the process of replacing the existing tooling for arcus-k8 (arcus in kubernetes) to make it easier to setup. Also, there is a plan to release the first "Stable" version of Arcus since 2018.10 (which was the last IRIS release). This should make it a lot easier for new people to onboard. Also, a new Hub OS update is expected shortly, which will make it easier to convert over old hubs.
  11. AndrewX192

    Arcus Smart Home

    FYI the cameras are not compatible with Arcus, although it is likely in the future that it will be able to support generic RTSP cameras.
  12. AndrewX192

    WTB: Iris Smart Fob

    I’m looking to buy 5 iris smart fobs, anyone have them in bulk?
  13. AndrewX192

    Arcus Smart Home

    If you don't want to put time into Arcus, that's fine - there are a bunch of other solutions! There are people using Arcus, and it's working for them. The same can be said about OpenHab, Home Assistant, etc.
  14. AndrewX192

    Iris WIFI V1 Smart Plug

    In theory they can be pointed to an Arcus instance, but I'm not sure how to do that and haven't put any time into it. If someone has some time to look at the Arcus android/ios app and see how they pair the device, and determine if it's possible to set the server URL there, then they should be able to be revived.
  15. AndrewX192

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    I don't miss Iris much because everything I need is in Arcus! Do wish they were still producing newer keypads, motion sensors, and contact sensors, since IRIS had some pretty good offerings in that space.