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  1. AndrewX192

    Z-wave Locks

    Nothing has really changed or degraded with these Z-Wave locks. What's more likely is that you or your neighbors have added more devices, and as the Z-Wave spectrum becomes increasingly congested, you'll need improvements in the Z-Wave protocol and radios to compensate. The BE469 works fine if you keep it close to a hub; in my testing environment I've had no issues with 15-25ft away from the hub.
  2. AndrewX192

    Z-wave Locks

    In my experience, the original Schlage locks (e.g. the BE469) aren't very reliable. In my Arcus test environment, I have a BE469 a few feet away from the hub and it's almost flawless, but if you take it say 25ft away, you'd be lucky to get events about the door being unlocked or locked. You can try all sorts of range extenders (I personally use the Ring Range Extender with Arcus, as it has a built in backup battery, but really any mains powered Z-Wave device will work), but I've not had great luck with those and the BE469. Upgrading to the BE469ZP (Z-Wave Plus model) fixes all the issues I've seen with these locks. If you don't want to spend a bunch of money, you can watch eBay for partial / broken locks, and switch out the circuit board.
  3. AndrewX192

    Wink moving to paid / subscription model

    Wink announced today that they're moving to paid model effective next week...
  4. AndrewX192

    Battery Percentages Available

    It was a extremely easy add. I made it configurable in the event that some provider of Arcus doesn't want to offer it, but agree that it seems like an odd thing to hide. There's a handful of things like this that are artificially limited and easy to provide in Arcus.
  5. Arcus now supports the Aeotec MultiSensor 6, bringing a few new features to the platform: UV Index Illuminance (in lumens) This is available to view in the web app today. Going forward, new rules will become available to make use of this information.
  6. AndrewX192

    Battery Percentages Available

    Battery percentages can now easily be enabled by an Arcus operator through a configuration option. When enabled it will show exactly as expected:
  7. AndrewX192

    Device tamper information available

    The IRIS v1 Motion Sensor now supports tamper reporting as well.
  8. AndrewX192

    Device tamper information available

    Device tamper information is coming to Arcus. For now only the IRIS v1 Contact Sensor reports tamper status, but other devices will gain support soon as well. You can see the last time a device was tampered with in the device details pane: Or see a history of device tamper events in the device/place history:
  9. AndrewX192

    Ecolink Firefighter compatible?

    Old thread, but these are supported in Arcus Platform now. I've only tested the Smoke alarm portion, but following the spec it should support CO alarms as well. I'm using one to bring my hardwired interconnected Smoke Alarm into Arcus and it trips the Arcus safety alarm during a smoke alarm self-test.
  10. AndrewX192

    Ring Device Support

    Arcus now has support for the Ring Range extender and Ring Contact Sensor. Both of these devices are currently "uncertified" and will not show up in the pairing menu. To pair, just put the device in pairing mode while in the "Advanced Pairing" mode. Some details below: Ring Range Extender: * Supports basic range extender functionality * Supports battery state reporting, and power failure / restoration. Ring Contact Sensor: * Supports basic contact functionality, and can participate in an alarm. * Supported via reflexes and can work when Arcus Platform is offline.
  11. AndrewX192

    Iris GL08_2 Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plugs

    In theory if these smart plugs allowed the platform URL to be changed, they would work with Arcus Platform. The problem is that the URL appears to be hard coded with no way to change.
  12. AndrewX192

    Bringing back IRIS by Lowe's

    I do not, but I can probably get it if it’s important
  13. AndrewX192

    Bringing back IRIS by Lowe's

    The actual firmware file isn’t up on the main github but I have a copy available if you need. That is in the arcustools repo: (change url if you need v3). the Arcus hubOS repo has all you need to build the firmware yourself
  14. AndrewX192

    Bringing back IRIS by Lowe's

    If you've been following this forum, you know I've been working on bringing Arcus to life. While things have gotten pretty quiet on the forums, work hasn't stopped. Here's a blog post I put together detailing the Arcus Platform and my path to getting it up and running over the last year:
  15. AndrewX192

    Iris v1 keypads

    I already have a dozen of these for Arcus testing & validation, but if you plan to toss em I'll take em. I've been sending out stuff to other folks that are using Arcus.