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    Arlo Pro 2 Cameras vs Iris Cameras

    Hi, I had Iris at a vacation rental in FL. I liked Iris and had no motivation to change until they croaked. I just replaced it with a SmartThings Hub V3 and a mix of Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Ultra cameras attached to an Arlo Ultra base. In about 2 hrs I was able to get all my Iris Sensors switched over to SmartThings (Door, Door Lock, Thermostat, Motion, Garage, Smoke and CO, plugs). Pairing speed, sensing speed, pairing stability, seem much faster on ST than Iris. I preferred the Iris UI, maybe only because I was used to it. I hate that ST only has a mobile app and no web app. The ST hub is wireless, which is much more convenient when pairing. The ST has no battery backup which is annoying. The day and night video and audio quality on the Arlo Pro 2 is much better than the Iris Indoor/Outdoor camera. And the Arlo Ultra camera is significantly better than the Pro 2. HOWEVER, so far I have found the motion sensing on the Arlo cameras to be nowhere near as good as the Iris cameras. Iris was my first system and the motion detecting was so good I didn't realize I needed to evaluate cameras for bad motion detection quality. Ive only had the Arlos installed for a few days, but here is Some Arlo info that I wish I knew before buying: The Arlo motion sensing is nowhere near as good as iris. I had package deliveries and multiple entries and exits from my driveway with no detection. Iris cameras would have caught it all. You can record everything on Arlo, but that costs a few bucks per month per camera. and then you don't have a way to only look at motion videos. The Ultra says its 4K, and it is, but you can only record in 4K to the cloud if you pay extra. The Arlo ultra power cords are ridiculously expensive. $50 for a 25ft outdoor power cord. I spent $1000 on a 4 camera kit and they only gave me one charger. All these home automation systems seem to have departed from GUI standards and make up their own oddball UI. Arlo is no exception. It took a while to learn the quirks of Iris, and it took a while to learn different quirks of Arlo. To be fair, Arlo has lots of great features, but the motion detection is so bad compared to Iris I may have to reevaluate: The Arlo solar panels ($80) seem to work. In the FL sun, the two cameras I have stay at 100% charge almost all day. When i first connected the solar panel it took 3 hours to go from 80% to 100%. Since then i have not seen the cameras fall below 93% Arlo software still has bugs. EG Downloading videos are either all have the same name, or have a randomly generated name. None seem to have a thoughtful naming convention. Arlos are battery powered. It is convenient at times, but I hardwired all of them. Batteries seem like they would last about a month. Having to charge cameras every month seems infuriating. They have a pan zoom follow feature that seems pretty cool and useful (when motion detection works)