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  1. e-dash

    Arcus on Kubernetes: self-host your own Arcus

    Oh nice, yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Like I mentioned, I haven't used the Iris platform, but user / permissions is something seriously lacking in most of the home automation systems I have tried. It hasn't been a big problem for me since my children are young and my wife isn't interested in home automation. I could see the necessity as my kids get older and perhaps get their own smart phones or other device to control our connected devices.
  2. e-dash

    Arcus on Kubernetes: self-host your own Arcus

    Wow, dang, thank you for the detailed response. Seems like there is a lot more involved than I originally thought. The IPCD idea and service accounts seem like a good way to take advantage of the Arcus platform while still expanding it beyond what it is currently capable of. Although, if it does take so much effort to get it working, I wonder when it would just be more beneficial to develop for a different platform. Either way though, it is still fun to play around with. I'll keep my eyes on your progress and thanks again for the work you have put into it!
  3. e-dash

    Arcus on Kubernetes: self-host your own Arcus

    Hi there @AndrewX192, I have been following your work the last few weeks and signed up to ask a question or two. As background, I was not an Iris user, but have been interested in the creation of the Arcus platform based on the source of the Iris code. Very cool that they made this move. Anyway, I've been toying with the idea of playing with a deployment based on your repository. It looks like you are doing some great work! Since I'm not really from an Iris background, is your repository meant to replace the whole Iris ecosystem with one that your run on your own hardware? For example, I have a Iris hub (I think v2 . . . maybe v3?). After deploying the Arcus install, does this hub connect locally to that deployment? Is there anything special that I need to do to the hub or does it detect and connect to the Arcus deployment on its own? Sorry for the very basic questions! I'm very interested in how this project is going for you.