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    Arcus Smart Home

    So, a quick first glance of this looks like the requirements are pretty high. Initially I was thinking that we would be able to flash the Iris Hub, connect it to the network, configure everything and be set. That seems to have been a bit naive of me. The hub appears to work as a point of contact for Zigbee, ZWave, and camera devices, and not much more, while all connectivity and logic are run on a server. Looking at the diagrams here, there seem to be quite a few more services than I expected. As someone who has done this, can you comment on the hardware requirements? Is 12GB of ram really necessary? I was thinking of adding these containers to a box I have up, but it probably only has 4GB of ram, so that might be unrealistic. I might end up going an entirely different route, since the only thing I'm really trying to get connected is my door and window sensors.