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  1. Did you still need help with this? Like you, I reviewed their examples, and while the logic made sense to me, I couldn't for the life of me find out how to actually get to the end result because I didn't know what to click on or how the rule machine creation interface actually flowed. I only have about 20 rules created as of now - yes, some of us are very busy and don't have time with work to spend a lot of time reading the manuals. So I would create 1-2 rules every month or so and my rules are in v1, 2, 3, and now v4 of RM. It seemed like once I got an understanding of what to click on in a particular version, they upgraded RM. It's nice to keep it updated but for those of us who don't create that many rules, it can be frustrating to have to spend hours trying to find how to actually create the rules when it changes. And when you ask a question on the forums, it is a crap shoot on whether you will actually get help or if they will just refer you to a post that has 1100+ responses and say "look at the examples". So, after getting that exact response from someone on a forum, I had to sit down and try to figure out the flow of the creation myself. If you still would like to see how this is done in RM4, I can give you some examples and how to get to the end result. Bear in mind, I only have 4 rules, so my examples won't be as extensive as on the forums but if what you are looking for is what to click on within RM, I think even just one may help you wrap your head around it.