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  1. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    Have you been able to get a push notification for movement ? I set up a rule to send me a push notification when it detects motion but it never has. Its 10:48... IR mode is off and still no false recordings. So far so good.
  2. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    I do notice it saves a recording every time you hit play, But not by just entering the card.
  3. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    I’m not sure about the recording if you’re in the card. It had been recording for 10s every 4 minutes or so. I had to go out of town last night and I left right at dark. While I was gone the camera switched to IR mode (surprised this camera doesn’t give you the option to disable that) I must have checked it 30 times since then and .... no false recordings. Either the IR mode is preventing the false alarms. Or is there something goofy going on where me being home and triggering the other motion sensors, cameras, etc; it’s using that motion to tell the wireless camera to record? its 8:30, light out, but the camera is still in IR mode. I’ll give it a little longer to wait for it to switch to regular mode and see if it false records again. My only other theory ... could the camera have gotten a firmware update after the first few hours that it’s been turned on that fixed it? It’s on 0.14. Now
  4. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    I’m initially impressed with the build quality of the camera. Video and audio seems good too. Ive only had it up for a bit but it seems to be recording “nothing” every 3-5 minutes. I changed the sensitivity to low and it still is doing it. What sensativity did everyone go with ? And does anyone else get blank recordings ?
  5. jeff909

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    As a long time IRIS user since 2013, I couldn't disagree more with the comments. I see the sale nothing but good news for the long term potential. I think with the V3 products having "By Lowes" removed from the packaging and even the app icon, I think we saw this coming. If companies like Simply Safe or even the ADT pulse can get main stream appeal, I think we all would agree Lowe's lack of marketing was their down fall. I would predict someone purchases IRIS and finally puts the effort into making it a popular mainstream product, and perhaps adding support for some of the "buzz" secondary products like Ring. Another thing... should this product be sold at Best Buy? Amazon? I mean if it's "Alexa Compatible" ... it's crazy to not not have it come up as an option on Amazon. Expanding reach of the products has to help growth. I don't think there's any chance it's shut down.
  6. jeff909

    Santa Tracker 2018

    With all the excitement over IRIS being sold, I think we all missed the big news that Santa Tracker 2018 is out. So there's that.
  7. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    That looks exactly like my idea... did you screw it into the moulding? And is that the magnetic base or did you get the screw on one? The magnetic one seems like it could have a theft issue, but then again if someone wanted it and it was on a screw one I don't think that would stop anyone.
  8. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    I just ordered one and used a $20 off $100 coupon, making the camera $99 before tax. Sounds like the app isn't perfect yet, but for $100 I think it's worth a try.
  9. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    Hopefully they will come out with some app tweaks soon. I agree it's strange you can't manually record, and to my point it's strange that if it's going to always record, that you can't set it to NOT record while you're home.
  10. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    I called support and asked about them too, I asked how the rules worked and if you could set it to record based on "away" or alarm on. They told me the same thing that the camera has user adjustable sensitivity but said regarding the rules that it auto records ... automatically. Can you confirm on your clips page if it indeed is auto recording based on motion?
  11. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Another floor of the house, but distance-wise not that far.
  12. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Sorry, at first I thought you meant to optimize the GE switch, not the V2 plug. My friend doesn't have the V2 plugs yet, he may get one, but I was trying to figure out if there's another reason why the plug doesn't stay connected first.
  13. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Yeah, Do you remember the title of the thread? I did a quick search on your user name and didn’t see anything. If there’s a trick to optimizing Z Wave for this situation , I’d appreciate the help.
  14. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    In the past, the smart plugs acted as signal repeaters. Can someone remind me... for both the V2 and V1 plugs, do they just repeat Zigbee or do they repeat Z-wave as well? I thought I remember when the old range extender phased out, being told the new smart plugs did the same function. My friend has a GE Z-wave wall switch that won't stay connected and I'm wondering if a smart plug repeater would help
  15. jeff909

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    I could be wrong, but I'm really surprised about all the talk about forced upgrades and compatibility... Sure V1 -> V2 was an entire "platform" change, not just the hub Unless I'm missing something, V3 is simply a new model, ex "prettier looking", has wifi, and a speaker. If my existing system is working, I'd see absolutely no reason to change and no reason to think it won't work indefinitely. If you're buying a new system from scratch, get the new one; maybe there's benefits to range/speed