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  1. jeff909

    Ring Protect Plans

    I got the Ring Pro doorbell at Best Buy with a free echo dot 3rd gen for $199 Ring alarm (smaller kit) at Best Buy with a free echo dot 2nd gen for $159 Subscribed to Protect Plus plan for $100 Ordered $500 stuff on with the Protect Plus 10% discount (you must wait 30 days after signing up for the discount) and saved $50. I suppose getting the service for free + 10% discount on hardware would be better, but I figured $50 off hardware I'd already buy was 50% of the cost of the Protect Plan itself
  2. jeff909

    Multi Sensor as garage door tilt sensor

    I thought you had to initially use the new app to setup the V3 hub to begin with
  3. jeff909

    Multi Sensor as garage door tilt sensor

    It definitely works, but like I said the online literature only mentions the classic app. Since this is a "new" sensor and they are migrating the new hubs to the new app, I would think it would do this in the new app... just wanted to confirm.
  4. I read that you can use the smart things multi sensor as a garage door tilt sensor. Does anyone know if you can use the tilt sensor function in the new app (not just classic app) ?
  5. jeff909

    Consolidated Camera Thread

    Thanks for the summary. It's too bad the V3 cameras don't work, they actually were a great camera in my opinion and I have it hard wired/mounted outside. I installed a Ring doorbell that solves my live video / storage problem, but because it's pointed straight forward I don't have a great view of the porch (for packages) I'd be happy in the short term to relocate my indoor/outdoor V2 to my porch and have it simply able to pull still images on demand (but remotely Sounds like Spectral or Smartthings would work. Does the Smart Things work with the new app yet? Or only classic at this time? Regarding Spectral - When's your estimate for when this will be able to work for everyone?
  6. jeff909

    Consolidated Camera Thread

    Sorry to create duplicate threads, but would be a good idea to create a consolidated camera thread to discuss the options? I see multiple options; Specral, Smart Things, etc. and it's probably best to have the detailed discussions going on in each specific sub-forum, but I think it would be helpful to have a FAQ/Sticky on what the options are for the Cameras in one place. For example, List Compatible Systems: V1 Camera - Spectral (video/still) Smart Things (still only), etc., Blue IRIS ? V2 Indoor/Outdoor - Spectral (video/still) Smart Things (still only), Blue IRIS ? V3 (Swann Wireless) - ? I haven't experimented with the third party camera viewing in quite a while, but I thought I remember you needing to record the IP, and I'm wondering if after 3/31 if that won't be available anymore? Let's discuss the options Personally, I'm OK migrating to Ring, Arlo, etc. for a future cloud based system with a fancy GUI, however it would be nice if there's a way to at minimum do live viewing via old cameras.
  7. jeff909

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I haven’t gotten the manual $300 either , but My parents did. At least I’m not the only one that hasn’t gotten it.
  8. jeff909

    Researching the Ring.

    I can understand the concern regarding geofencing. Someone could steal your phone from your desk and even without unlocking the phone have your alarm disabled by sitting in the driveway. I think having a key fob would be the easy solution. Whether it works by pinging the hub or if you have to press a button it would still be an improvement. Simplisafe has a Fob and Samsung has an arrival sensor as well
  9. jeff909

    Researching the Ring.

    Where did you see that they will be coming out with new sensors ? I think the motion ones are the worst ... they’re huge. I bought 3 of each, and would consider returning if they could be out soon.
  10. jeff909

    My .02 and a new Newbie Questions

    Thanks for the tip, I see Everspring listed as a supported device so hopefully that or picking utilitech will work. Why is everyone just using the classic app, the new one looks so much nicer ?
  11. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    I used it on bestbuy online with in store pickup, no issue
  12. I've previously decided to go with Ring for Cameras/Security, but I just purchased a Smart Things V3 hub and ported a lot of my devices over GE Switches, RGB Bulbs, Honeywell thermostat, and I bought some new ST smart plugs and smart buttons App: I didn't really understand until after I bought it, but at least to me it appears most people on here prefer the classic app due to the customization, unsupported devices, etc. Personally, I actually really like the new app as it's really clean and looks like apple homekit Alexa Integration: Everything syncs, no issues Unsupported Devices: There's only a few IRIS items that I haven't attempted to pair, may need some guidance on this. Nyce Tilt Sensor - Is this supported? I had planned on leaving my IRIS V1 security devices active until 3/31 so I haven't tried to remove this. Just curious if anyone has a separate ST solution for this (either a tilt sensor or the IRIS garage door controller, what's does everyone use?) Utilitech Water Sensor (one with the cord) - I have this in my sump pump pit and I don't think the leak sensor with the probes on the bottom would work (I have the wire zip tied to the pump pipe). Has anyone had any luck getting the Utilitech water sensor to work? Orbit Hose Controller - From my research it appears this won't work, at least not with a clean interface. May have to investigate something like a homekit hose controller Quick Question on Thermostat IRIS schedule was really clean, you had a M-S view of the days and you can click and see the schedule. Unless I'm completely doing it wrong, the only way I could set a schedule was to set individual rules for every temperature change. See screen shot. It appears to be working just fine like this, but is this how everyone else does it? Lastly, maybe I'm crazy, (I don't know if it's really doing it differently or if I'm hearing things) but I swear with IRIS when the furnace would kick off I'd hear the thermostat "click" then it would all shut off a few seconds later. With ST I hear the click, then the fan appears to run for an additional 30-60 seconds after furnace shut off. That's fine, I just wonder if it's Smart Things or the Thermostat that has decided to act differently now.
  13. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    Wonder when the second “add on cards” will ship. Don’t have any tracking or record for that one , it was just over the phone verification
  14. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    Did anyone register online ? If you go to that site it looks a little sketchy ...
  15. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    My $1,000 card is showing it shipped, to arrive Thursday. No info on the second ~ $200 card.