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  1. iOS 2.8 is Now Available

    No iPhone X screen size support. Boo
  2. This is really cool, surprised more haven’t posted on this. It works great, so much easier than having to move the slider to the precise spot to get a particular color. Heres my guess at what happened. Feature was included in the firmware update last month Could be listed in release notes for the app update, but I think someone posted that Apple rejected the app so it would be delayed. Since the Echo communicates to the hub directly without the app, this works due to the firmware update and hasn’t been communicated due to the app delay. Just my guess...
  3. Lowe's Iris smart home membership jumps 40% in 2017

    I've also seen several friends add IRIS systems in 2017 so that adds to the 40% increase figure. Personal belief, it's growing so I don't see any reason to think the IRIS service won't continue to exist. I was at Best Buy yesterday and was amazed at how many systems and devices they sell that are completely fragmented and the "average" customer would have a tough time knowing what light bulb or camera would work with what system. There's definitely an opportunity if they want to make a push as I don't think there's a clear universal winner (that includes security) There were a few growing pains with V2, but it's very very stable now and the app store shows very positive reviews. I always thought it was possible they held off a marketing push until the system was flawless, it would do permanent damage if a re-launch was deemed a poor product. Let's see what they have in store at CES 2018.
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what are the software levels required? Other than setting off the alarm, is there a way I can verify I have local processing? I don't use the web portal. I'm on .058 and have a NYCE tilt senor that is not tied to an alarm currently.
  5. Iris 2.7 email

    My guess is iphone X support
  6. Maintenance notice from Iris

    They added a setting to record for 5 minutes if the alarm goes off. If you're on the basic plan can you see if this feature works for you? I'm guessing it won't, but that has been discussed with the support team.
  7. Maintenance Notice from Iris

    I looked, it says you have to have the garage door controller to set that rule (I don't.) In theory if you set that to 10 min, it would be the same as the key fob presence, but I imagine it could get annoying if you're working in the yard or washing the car for 10 minutes with the door left open. Oh well, maybe in the next update. Seems pretty logical to me, and it just surprises me that they add so many options but this is left off.
  8. Maintenance Notice from Iris

    Ok I'll take a look too. Let me know if you see that it works. Of all the over-complicate-type things to automate what I want is pretty straight forward. Leave House... forget to close garage, hey idiot text message. The whole point should be for it to automatically tell you, not that you have to look.
  9. Maintenance Notice from Iris

    With rule updates to the GDO, can you now be notified if you just leave the thing open? Not actually close it, but say you just have the tilt sensor, leave door open, mode changes to away, Can you set it up to send a message? I see it says tilt sensor trigger between certain time of day, but is it possible to tie to a scene?
  10. Iris Smart Button 3460-L , a peak under the hood

    So I don't use the V2 smart button all that often, but it's still working, nothing mechanically wrong with it. I still like mine. A while back I got a low battery notification too, actually got a battery, went to install and due to how I mounted it I had a hard time figuring out how to remove the battery so I didn't, and the low battery indicator ended up turning off and it's worked fine ever since. I've only played with the 1, but I can't imagine they all eat batteries, I'd guess there's something wrong with yours or maybe it's just like you said losing contact some how. It looks like you can still buy a V1 button for 19.97 on lowes site.
  11. How does professional monitoring work

    Support said that a few people have called in and asked about making limited camera storage part of the basic plan and it was discussed on their side Id say if this is important to you, call in and ask for it as well. Seems like They've done a good job at adding features we've requested so let's add this to the list
  12. The grace period false alarm is just me being dumb/slow... I don't know what's up with my motion sensor, I have 4 total and only 1 of them cause the false alarm issue.
  13. I'm checking with my insurance. My concern is I set it off by accident a lot. Both from grace periods being set to 15s and only having 1 motion sensor trigger. Both could be solved by changing grace period to 30s and requiring 2 motion sensors, but personally I like the "trigger happy" system and tolerate an occasional false alarm. Do others get false alarms or does everyone have it set more conservatively?
  14. I'm going to call and complain/make a suggestion They should give you very very basic free storage, then add the 3GB as an up-sell feature for the professional monitor. Worth a try
  15. How does professional monitoring work

    For those that are doing the pro option, how many motion sensors do you have the requirement set to? Not using the monitored service, I have mine set to 1. I get an occasional false alarm, but it's not a big deal. I don't think I'd be comfortable having it call the cops every month or two if I don't respond quickly to their phone call. In one sense, professional monitoring would make me feel more secure, but if by doing so I change my motion sensor requirement, that feels like a step backwards.