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    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    In the past, the smart plugs acted as signal repeaters. Can someone remind me... for both the V2 and V1 plugs, do they just repeat Zigbee or do they repeat Z-wave as well? I thought I remember when the old range extender phased out, being told the new smart plugs did the same function. My friend has a GE Z-wave wall switch that won't stay connected and I'm wondering if a smart plug repeater would help
  2. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Another floor of the house, but distance-wise not that far.
  3. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Sorry, at first I thought you meant to optimize the GE switch, not the V2 plug. My friend doesn't have the V2 plugs yet, he may get one, but I was trying to figure out if there's another reason why the plug doesn't stay connected first.
  4. jeff909

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Yeah, Do you remember the title of the thread? I did a quick search on your user name and didn’t see anything. If there’s a trick to optimizing Z Wave for this situation , I’d appreciate the help.
  5. The new cameras are finally live on They look nicer than I expected... looks like a swivel based kind of like an Arlo. Mentions audio and true detect thermal sensing. I wonder how that will compare to the trigger off anything motion setting of the current camera Also, if you go to the app and view a live feed of your cameras, it has a slider for audio. Nothing playing out of mine but I wonder if there's any hope for an existing camera firmware update. Be interested to hear a full review of these soon
  6. jeff909

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    I could be wrong, but I'm really surprised about all the talk about forced upgrades and compatibility... Sure V1 -> V2 was an entire "platform" change, not just the hub Unless I'm missing something, V3 is simply a new model, ex "prettier looking", has wifi, and a speaker. If my existing system is working, I'd see absolutely no reason to change and no reason to think it won't work indefinitely. If you're buying a new system from scratch, get the new one; maybe there's benefits to range/speed
  7. jeff909

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    It looks similar in features to this one at Best Buy
  8. I'm sure the middle tier "premium" plan is the least popular, however I don't wish to have professional monitoring and I've kept the $10 plan simply due to the camera storage for recording on alarm events. With the recent change to basic (free) including 24 hours of storage, In theory in the event a break-in, you'd have the videos on the IRIS cloud and you could download them to your phone. I'm debating, but had some other questions to confirm if there's anything else I'd be missing. Can anyone that's seen the difference between basic and premium help answer ? 1. History Log - Says 24 hours vs 14 days with visualization... Does that mean the bar graph with the hours is no longer present on the basic? Honestly if they are giving video storage for free, I'm surprised 14 day history isn't standard too 2. Alarm Tracker - Does that just mean instead of the colored screen that lists what sensors are going off, you'd just have to look at the history? Probably not a big deal? 3. Notifications for 6 people - I only have 1 log-in account but I use it on multiple devices, Assume that this would be unaffected? 4. Care - I don't use 5. Anything else ? - Is there anything else that could be a surprise, other than the extra $10/month I'll be saving? Notifications and Rules - From what I'm reading is there no impact?
  9. jeff909

    New Difference between Basic and Premium

    I get having unique users for the overall system, notification, etc. But I'm surprised it's not easier to just set a lock code. You should just be able assign a unique lock code without adding a user, and being fancy, even assign an hour window (ex. 12 PM - 4 PM) that the code is valid.
  10. jeff909

    New Difference between Basic and Premium

    Thanks for all the info. I think the longer history range would be my # 1 request of the 5, but it's probably not worth keeping just for that. One follow up question on the locks... I only ever used 1 pin for my lock (even thought I was on premium). I was surprised, is there no easy way to just add a simple unique lock code? My memory is bad but I thought on V1 you could create a lock pin that would only work between certain hours. Looking at the app it appeared you had to add a user, submit email address, password, etc. just to add a lock code. Am I doing it wrong or is that the only way to add a pin ?
  11. jeff909

    Cameras discontinued? Whats going on with iris?

    Lowe’s posted on the official forum that a new camera is coming out in the fall. I agree it’s annoying to not have stock, but I’m super excited as a new camera has long been on the wish list. Any speculation to what it could offer ? I think adjustable sensativity would be high on my list.
  12. jeff909

    Sad news for Halo Labs

    That's too bad. If they will still function under the IRIS platform, I wonder if any will be available on clearance or if that would be a bad idea.
  13. jeff909

    iOS 2.11 is Now Available

    I’m curious about the smart+ bulbs As discussed in the other thread about bulbs, I don’t think the smart + ones were previously supported. It was a shame as the lightify ones worked great. I’d like to hear if anyone gets one to work. The pairing screen definitely looks fancier too.
  14. jeff909

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    Ordered the Sengled A19 bulbs will report back over the weekend if they work
  15. jeff909

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    Thanks. It looks like the Iris app supports four different sizes/models, so hopefully the color A19 one works the same. I guess there’s different ways to handle connected bulbs but I generally leave the dumb switch always in the ON position and I fix a smart button on the wall adjacent to the old switch and use that moving forward. I would hope that would work the same with these as welll.
  16. jeff909

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    Has anyone had any luck with the Hue bulbs? Support says they need the bridge, I'm not sure why if the bulb is Zigbee. Can anyone confirm whether it needs the bridge/Hub? At best buy they said if you have an echo plus (tall one) that the Hue bulbs can connect to that without the actual Hue bridge/Hub. I wonder if that would link to IRIS, again without the secondary Hue Bridge. Any ideas?
  17. jeff909

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    Thanks for the tip on the Sengled bulb. I hadn't heard of those but you're right, it's listed as a device on the IRIS app. Is this the one you're referring to? Too bad it appears they don't have them in store, but it's not a bad price ($30) If you're sure it works, I may just order one.
  18. jeff909

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    Interesting on the need the hub to update. I'd like to learn a little more about that, I'd hate to have to buy a hub just for a tool, but it's good to know it may work. It looks like the color ones on Amazon are Smart+, but there's a handful of Osram on Ebay
  19. jeff909

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    I'm also curious if anyone has resolved this issue. I called IRIS support and they said the Hue bulbs are the only ones for sale that are supported. I find it hard to believe that there wouldn't be a Z-Wave / Zigbee bulb that works without a bridge. Anyone have any luck with a Home Depot, Amazon, or any other old stock Lightify or equivalent colored bulb?
  20. jeff909

    New Products in 2018?

    Has anyone heard any rumors (from support or any other source) of any potential new products for 2018? I thought I read scunny posted a rumor about a new keypad..... that would be nice. I'm hoping for a new camera. The current V2 one works fine, but something newer (Arlo?) would be great. Any rumors?
  21. jeff909

    Refreshed V2 Devices

    I'd be curious to know if the refreshed smart button is more durable than the original V2 one. The low profile is nice vs V1, but they seem to break.
  22. jeff909

    iOS 2.8 is Now Available

    No iPhone X screen size support. Boo
  23. This is really cool, surprised more haven’t posted on this. It works great, so much easier than having to move the slider to the precise spot to get a particular color. Heres my guess at what happened. Feature was included in the firmware update last month Could be listed in release notes for the app update, but I think someone posted that Apple rejected the app so it would be delayed. Since the Echo communicates to the hub directly without the app, this works due to the firmware update and hasn’t been communicated due to the app delay. Just my guess...
  24. jeff909

    Lowe's Iris smart home membership jumps 40% in 2017

    I've also seen several friends add IRIS systems in 2017 so that adds to the 40% increase figure. Personal belief, it's growing so I don't see any reason to think the IRIS service won't continue to exist. I was at Best Buy yesterday and was amazed at how many systems and devices they sell that are completely fragmented and the "average" customer would have a tough time knowing what light bulb or camera would work with what system. There's definitely an opportunity if they want to make a push as I don't think there's a clear universal winner (that includes security) There were a few growing pains with V2, but it's very very stable now and the app store shows very positive reviews. I always thought it was possible they held off a marketing push until the system was flawless, it would do permanent damage if a re-launch was deemed a poor product. Let's see what they have in store at CES 2018.
  25. jeff909

    Local Processing Is Here

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what are the software levels required? Other than setting off the alarm, is there a way I can verify I have local processing? I don't use the web portal. I'm on .058 and have a NYCE tilt senor that is not tied to an alarm currently.