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  1. DuoDS

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    I actually got some mixed results from renaming my zones back to default. What eventually fixed it for good was making sure I had Smart Plugs v2 close enough to the Orbit timer to relay the ZigBee signal to the timer. Weird thing was that the connectivity to turn on zones from my phone never disappeared, there was only trouble with the automated watering schedule. I figured that if I could turn on zones from my phone, the signal must have been 'good enough', but installing Smart Plug repeaters seems to have fixed it for good. My lawn is now trying to recover from the IRIS induced drought.
  2. DuoDS

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    I think I figured this out on my own for anyone who ends up having the same issue. I believe the trouble was the fact that I named each zone. I names them according to location (i.e. Front East, Front Middle, etc). Today, I removed the Orbit timer and re-paired it. When I was asked to select and rename the zones I wanted to use and give them default watering times, I just left them as Zone1, Zone2, etc. I gave them watering times and then tested an automatic watering schedule/cycle. It seems to work just fine with the default zone names in the system.
  3. I have reset, repaired, tried different schedules. Everything looks correct on the device and in the app, the app even reports the next event correctly throughout the water cycle/schedule. However, no water comes on. I can see the next event change to the time the next zone should start even, but no water turns on. I can turn the sprinklers on from my phone app at any time, any zone. But the schedule never waters. Anyone had a problem like this?
  4. DuoDS

    GE Devices Having Trouble

    Resetting and rebuilding has slowly worked to get my GE devices back online, but it is going slowly and has still not completely worked. I still have 6 items offline. I'm going to sleep on it, but if things have not worked themselves out in the morning, I'm probably going to have to call tech support. This is the only time I have ever had this kind of problem with my IRIS system.
  5. This afternoon many of my GE devices have gone offline. Like 14 light switches are offline, a GE plug in switch, and a GE wall outlet. All GE, all offline right now. I tried restarting the hub - no change I am now rebuilding the Z-Wave network, after an hour, it is at 60% - No change yet. Hopefully the rebuild will bring them back. One of my GE switches is actually stuck in the ON position and will not turn off even at the switch, manually. Is there something going on? or any suggestions for additional troubleshooting?
  6. DuoDS

    Osram bulb experience?

    I put my laundry lights on a smart switch in the wall and a motion sensor so the wife doesn't even have to spare a hand to flip the switch. It turns itself off after a minute or so (after motion is not detected anymore). As a bonus, coming in from the garage (through the laundry) is safer now that the lights are automatic AND this is a major entry into my house, so I use the sensor for the alarm as well.
  7. DuoDS

    Toasty Freezer

    Some issue here. I changed the battery and while the sensor was out the the freezer, it reported 61 degrees I put it back in the freezer thinking it was fixed. The next time I checked the app, over 7000 degrees again. I have also had a temp sensor in the freezer save me from a broken freezer when it alerted me the temp was rising and I discovered there was a blockage in the coil. Cleaned it out and the freezer has been running great for over a year since. I'd like to be able to monitor the freezer again.
  8. DuoDS

    Locks not Reporting WHO

    I spent some time with my Schlage Deadbolt BE469. I un-paired it, then reset the lock to factory, reset the hub. It took a while to re-pair it, but I got it to connect after about 30 minutes of messing with it. I then had to rebuild the Z-Wave and reassign users to the lock. . . Then, guess what? It still doesn't tell me who's PIN was used to unlock it from the lock's keypad, or from the Android mobile app. EVERYTHING else tells me who did things in the app, like when I set the thermostat one degree cooler, my history says 'cool setpoint set to 78 deg. by Brian'. When I turn lights on the history says 'Switched on by Brian'. However, when I unlock or lock my Schalge BE469 the history simply says 'unlocked' or 'locked'. This is infuriating, especially since this worked perfectly a few weeks ago. Nothing changed on my end, so something must have been changed by IRIS.
  9. DuoDS

    Best pet safe motion

    That's one of the first things I did with IRIS - I love the light coming on 20% with motion in the hallway at night. During the day, no response. I have two small dogs, and because of the placement of my IRIS v2 motion sensor, I am able to just use a piece of electrical tape to cover the sensor in a way that it won't read motion on the floor, just upper torso motion. Has worked great this way for a long time. The dogs never turn the light on.
  10. DuoDS

    Locks not Reporting WHO

    I never downgraded from Premium, and I do not intend to get the pro monitoring plan. My locks are still inconsistent. Sometimes they do not even say unlocked or lock, I just get a report from the contact sensor on the door that it was opened and closed, when I know it was locked. Like this morning, my son stopped by to borrow some computer gear, he used his code to unlock the door, grabbed the stuff he needed, then locked the door on his way out. My history doesn't even show the door was unlocked or relocked, it just shows the door was opened and then closed twice. I tried it with the keypad on the lock - no notification of being unlocked at all. I tried it with the Iris by Lowe's Web interface - history reported unlocked - but not by which user I tried it with the Iris app on Andriod - history reported unlocked - but not by which user. Battery in the lock is at reported at 91% by Gillion's Web Portal. I have not tried to remove and repair the lock yet, but with others saying this is an issue, maybe that won't make any difference. it is VERY annoying not knowing who is coming and going from my 'smart' house.
  11. DuoDS

    Iris vs SmartThings

    @dbjhRight! without the monitoring, it is just a fancy remote controlled house. Not really a smart house at all. . . At least not as smart as it could be. Especially now that my locks are no longer telling me who's code unlocked them (gotta work on that).
  12. DuoDS

    Locks not Reporting WHO

    Mine was reporting "who" until just recently. I have rebuilt the network multiple times, and have rebooted the hub more than once. The only thing I have not done yet is to remove my locks and re-pair them with the hub. One of my two locks has low battery, which I will be replacing this weekend. I'll probably remove and re-pair at the same time. If that doesn't work, I'll probably call customer service. **EDIT** I was just looking through the history for my front deadbolt (Schlage), and noticed that when my wife unlocked it, it said that she was the one who unlocked it. However, every other instance of being unlocked, it did not report who's code was used. Interesting. . .
  13. DuoDS

    Locks not Reporting WHO

    Is it just me, or did everyone's lock stop reporting WHO unlocked them? Since one of the recent updates, my locks stopped reporting who's code was used to unlock the doors. There is no mention of who unlocked the door using the Android app either.
  14. DuoDS

    Iris vs SmartThings

    If I was to switch to anything but IRIS, it would be over monitoring, energy and temp monitoring are the main reasons I started building a smart house in the first place. At this point, I am still hopeful this will come back to IRIS.
  15. DuoDS

    Deadbolt Locking on Timer

    Thanks, I'll try this out. I would really like there to be a delay though. In a scenario where people are going in and out (like people showing up for a family party), it would be better to have a delay.