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  1. xKing

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I moved to Insteon+UDI ISY about 4 years ago, no regrets. Works with Alexa, Google Home, there is a way to hook it up with HomeKit (via HomeBridge), works with Nest, Ecobee, Harmony Hub, SolarEdge, Hue, LiFX, etc... Not super easy so it requires some entry level "programming" skills, but easier than HomeAssistant. Security is handled by DSC alarm panel and ISY works with that too. Hit me up in private messages, I'm happy to share any details about it (only came hare because I've got an Iris shutdown notice). Best of luck!
  2. I think if you ask thegillion real nice - he'll be able to come up with the homebridge plug-in for iris in no time. I'm a home bridge user myself and have my Nest and other home automation systems on HomeKit no problem.
  3. Iris smart plug + 12V DC adapter + small relay adapter powers the relay coil and you have your N.O. or N.C. contacts
  4. Nope, but you only supposed to puncture the cup (load it) right before you brew it Same deal with Nespresso.
  5. We have a Keruig at the office and it's like on the picture above - we set it to power on at 7am and power off at 3pm every day.
  6. Get your wife Jura Impressa - you'll forget about K-cups and other fake coffee forever.
  7. Yeah, IP control is the way to go, glad Logitech is moving that way as well.
  8. SimpleControl is bi-directional over RS-232 so you can see volume level feedback, sound mode, input selected, etc... Same deal as over IP, not just a plain IR over RS-232
  9. does it do Serial Control as well (RS-232)?
  10. There is the compatibility list I don't have anything on WiFi (except 2 Roku sticks on old TVs that don't have Ethernet jacks), everything is wired via Ethernet. IP is cheaper in the long run since you don't have to bother buying IR blasters and sticking them on the equipment No hardware remote unfortunately, everything is via iPhone/iPad or Apple Watch and I would agree - skipping thru commercials is somewhat tricky with the touch screen buttons, but I've got used to it On the other side - let's say kids are playing xbox in the media room upstairs a little too loud, I just pull my iPhone up and check the volume - let's say it's -25dBA, I can adjust it to -35dBA without getting up from the couch and looking for a physical remote. Or I want to play music in several rooms - just use SimpleControl and switch into "Music" activity in the rooms I want, then start streaming from the iTunes. Versatility - I have an older Panasonic VIERA TV in the living room that is IP controllable but it's not possible to wake it up over IP, so I rigged up a small raspberry PI connected over HDMI and waking the TV up by sending it "ON" command via cec-client tool (over HDMI). SimpleControl just pulls a special URL on the Pi to make it send the command. No dangling IR blasters or anything like that
  11. Most of the gear is capable of direct IP control these days, IR is kinda old school. I use SimpleControl solution for the whole house (3 rooms with AV gear and the rest of the rooms just lights control). I still have IR blasters for couple Motorola cable boxes and surprisingly Xbox One S (Microsoft did not think of any IP control!), Wii U is out of the scope since SimpleControl does not do Bluetooth. One device is controlled via Serial connection (it does not have IP but does have RS-232 port for control). Why IP control is better? You getting live feedback on the remote like - what's the current volume and sound setting on the A/V Receiver, what is the position of the BluRay disk right now, what is playing on Apple TV, etc. You also getting a real keyboard for apple TV and Roku boxes right on your phone.
  12. xKing

    INSTEON / Universal Devices ISY994i

    I think it was merged by moderators, guess it's ok if you ask here, I would be happy to answer
  13. xKing

    Home Genie

    For X10 look at this one, I'm using it and could not be happier. No clouds at all
  14. xKing

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Both my hose ends appear to lost their schedule and went to "Manual", so I had to re-set the watering schedule. And I've just got an e-mail from Iris telling about the system troubles.