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  1. My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    Maybe Lowe's is bending over backwards to accommodate some odd request from the manufacturer (despite the GDO being labeled a Lowe's device), but while the very same Lowe's-branded garage door is limited on Iris, but can be used for everything that's being requested when paired to other platforms.
  2. My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    That was truly the straw that sent me packing. Had perfectly good V1 keypads that they wrecked with that terrible buzz instead of the chime. So, I replaced them with V2 keypads which required patching holes in the wall, and also use expensive batteries that drained at least once a month (they may be better now - at the time my hub would be flashing red at least once a week, and the batteries have not needed changed since they've been paired with my SmartThings hub).
  3. Smart Things?

    There are SMS options in the configs, but I've not used them. The push notifications have been completely reliable for me, and I'd rather not deal with double notifications. I'm happier getting "too many" informational push notifications than I am with even a handful of SMS'es.
  4. Smart Things?

    Sorry for the delay - I really did mostly leave the forum. The motion sensors I'm using are the Ecolink pet-friendly ones on Amazon. In about 2 months I've never had a false alarm, I have a sunroom with 12 windows and a study with 4 more. With Iris I finally had to buy sensors for all of them due to mulitple daily false alarms (from the sun, heat, cats, everything). The Ecolinks have been so reliable that despite the big smartthings sale going on, I am having a hard time justifying the purchase. BTW, anyone want 13 Iris V1 sensors?
  5. Smart Things?

    I made the switch to Smart Things last week (and no, I'm not lingering around to troll, I have 3 other family members on Iris, and I don't anticipate talking them into spending the money to switch anytime soon). I had read the threads mentioned above, and knew they had a database issue, but it looked to be pretty much resolved, so I made the leap. The first day was a little rough with some lingering errors, but even by the next day things were better, and it's been relatively smooth sailing ever since. I know this will sound crazy to the Iris developers, but the ST staff even announced that a hub upgrade was coming and when it would happen! It *might* be fair to say that Iris and ST are at the same level right now regarding stability and reliability, but what I'm really thinking about is investing for the future. The ST staff are active in their forum (that they actually own and run) and they are often talking about all the staff they are hiring. There are functional and supported API's, and a bunch of active community developers. I've been very impressed by how hard it is to find a device that *isn't* supported (even if it's sometimes a bit of a hack). Basically, one developer has made all of the Iris v2 stuff work very reliably - the Iris smart fob is now much more powerful on ST than it is on it's native platform! And we're using those fobs as random remotes because we don't need them anymore because our phones are our presence sensors now. Bad things? Well, ST does have a fairly steep learning curve to go with all that power. It would be great if ST had more local processing (some devices process locally, but only a few - though as far as I know, Iris does none of that yet), and there is sometimes a little bit of lag. Both platform's apps have a pretty crappy UI, but Iris is slightly less bad, especially for quick access. Iris seems to have a slight lead on the home security aspects (the only real security keypad for ST is the Iris keypad), but it's painfully obvious that ST was in the middle of implementing that and got derailed by their database issues. There is no speaker in the ST hub, so that's a bit jarring for a former Iris user. There is also no cellular modem available yet. I can't compare the camera functionality of the two systems, as I've used separate Hikvision cameras all along. I don't think either platform is all that great for cameras. I have no love for Samsung, so that doesn't excite me, but at least the ST group does seem to be able to work independently yet also seem to have vast resources at their disposal. Switching platforms cost me about $350. I had to buy the hub for, 3 door sensors (all of my Iris ones were v1), and I was able to replace my other 15 window sensors with two cheap, reliable, and pet-safe motion sensors. There are mixed reports of the RadioThermostat working with ST, but I couldn't mine working, so I sent it to another family member. I could have replaced that with a non-Iris equivalent for $79, but I found an open-box Ecobee 3 for a great price (so I'm not factoring that into the $350). My Iris keypads, keyfobs, glass break, garage door opener, leak detector, wall switches, smart outlets, and smart button all worked fine with ST. The only thing I lost besides the v1 windows sensors was one v1 smart button. Saving $10/mo helps with the cost of switching and everything that I had to replace is an improvement over what I had before. At the end of the day, it's not that ST is currently more reliable in any quantifiable sense, but when something doesn't work (or doesn't work the way I want), I have more options available than waiting for Lowe's to fix it. It's not all unicorns and rainbows, but I'm content, and I'm not taking daily flak about Iris from the SO anymore.
  6. Amazon Echo

    It was so frustrating when Ivee announced their new product that the tech "press" just swallowed the press release whole and compared the Ivee vaporware product to the shipping Echo and generally declared Ivee to be the winner. Back to the original topic though, this is part of what convinces me that Lowe's isn't invested in Iris for the long haul. They have so many competing and incompatible home automation devices for sale at their stores, often with elaborate end caps... Iris is clearly not a corporate priority.
  7. Garage Door Opener Rules

    Out of 4 Iris installations in the family, the #1 thing any of us have ever wanted out of garage door automation is a rule to alert us if the garage door has been left open for too long. Now that the care service is part of the core package, you can get notifications about any door except the garage door! I guess I could buy yet another door sensor and do it that way, but I have a hard time believing this is such an unusual wish.
  8. Sage?

    Based on a lot of reading this week, it looks like Vera is probably a little bit more stable than Iris or SmartThings, but it seems really focused on strictly HA. If you're looking for any security features, everything I was finding suggested that you either needed to integrate Vera with a separate security system, or do a lot of customization. If it weren't for that, I would have been sold on Vera as well (despite some short-term instability due to a recent upgrade).
  9. Your free trial of Premium is expiring soon!

    I've spent the past few days reading up on a few other platforms, especially Vera and SmartThings, and I've finally come to accept that it's time to move on, even though the other platforms have their share of problems, too (coincidentally, as I type this, my hub started flashing red again...). This is just the fundamental problem of a home improvement company getting into a cutting-edge tech field. The Iris team is ultimately reporting to leadership that knows how to market building materials. They don't get that it's *really* hard to make a bunch of wireless radios mesh together in a variety of home types, or why developing in a cross-platform toolkit is much more limiting than building a solid API and separate Android/iOS/web apps, or why their database probably has some problems that weren't discovered until scaling up. They licensed a ready-to-go product from a company a few years back and that worked OK, so then they put a guy in charge of hiring some people to build a new one with a set budget, and they figured that would work just fine, too. I don't think it's true that Lowe's generally doesn't care about their customers, but I would be shocked if more than one of the VP's remembers that they even have a home automation unit. They commit less space to Iris in their stores than they do to trash cans, and the employees certainly know more about the trash can selection. Unlike Vera where it's the life of business, or ST where the promise of connecting all of the company's products is worth some short term losses for Samsung, Lowe's has no incentive in the world to say yes when the Iris team goes and asks for more resources. And when the $10/mo cash cow dries up with Iris, Lowe's management will spend about 3 minutes doing the math, shrug their shoulders, and replace Iris with a few more bluetooth light bulbs. They have no reason to ever give it a second thought. I hate to say it because I invested so much time and money into Iris (let alone what to do about all those family members still on 1.0), but I really don't see any reason to expect much else.
  10. Is it just me?

    This is the main reason I'm shopping around for other platforms. It looks like all the main platforms out there are having stability problems right now (ST, Vera, etc), but even if Iris gets their reliability back on track, their foundational choices for building 2.0 mean that it's never going to be a truly powerful platform.
  11. We are not alone...

    This post may have very well put me over the edge. My hub has had flashing lights 3 times this week that required reboots to recover from. My keypad suddenly started flashing random lights tonight and caused another false alarm tonight. And that's just this week's list. My SO stopped using Iris at all a month ago and blows up at me every time it glitches again. Even if ST had exactly the same level of failure, at least I wouldn't be paying $10/mo for the privilege. The only 2 things holding me back are that I have about 15 ground-floor windows with gen 1 sensors, and the fact that Samsung hasn't exactly been the poster child for long-term support of anything.
  12. Anyone else's hub lights flashing?

    Nothing to be concerned about other than the fact that the Lowe's team can't be bothered to schedule maintenance windows, of course...
  13. We Would Love Your Feedback

    I'm wandering off topic just a little bit, but as much as a web app I would like an *actual* Android app. I don't know if this is an iPhone port or a cross platform toolikt or what, but the most annoying part of the app is that it just doesn't work like anything else. Especially as you push this to less tech savvy people, we shouldn't have to figure out that the little x serves as an OK button, etc. If you're not going to give us an actual platform-compliant app, you might as well just give us a mobile responsive web app only. Especially if we're going to keep getting logged out 20% of the time we open the app.
  14. Any idea of what's coming in 1.7?

    I agree that they're at the point where enough of the system works that they need to just stop and take a few months to get the thing stable. I gripe about things a lot on here, but I know I'm more patient than a typical non-technical user would be. I see it every day when the gf yells at me about it. When she gets kicked out of the yet again and she has to log in (with my password that she can't remember because multiple users doesn't work yet). When the alarm goes off on her while she's at home because her fob stopped being detected again, so it sets the alarm to away. When the entire system goes offline for a whole day (granted, that's just today)... She used to be on board with Iris v1, but she has totally lost confidence in the new system and won't use it all. That makes it a real uphill battle for me to do anything more with the system.
  15. All of my door locks and my thermostat have been offline today. Lights are hit or miss. Rebooting the hub hasn't helped. Not being able to unlock my door was only an inconvenience today, but there have been plenty of times that it would have been a serious problem. A 12+ hour outage isn't cool, especially if there's no formal channel to let us know of system problems.