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  1. c379776

    What will work?

    I messaged SRWHITE on HE.
  2. c379776

    What will work?

    Repeatable. After pairing and the plug commands work fine. Just unplugging it and plugging it back in makes the commands fail. Still reports, just can't command them.
  3. c379776

    What will work?

    Have you tried a V1 smartplug yet? and relocated it?
  4. c379776

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    Although I applaud SRF's progress they are years behind. Hubitat is amazing. Far more powerful than IRIS.
  5. c379776


    I have yet to see anyone crack that nut. Even with IRIS mine never worked right and Lowes support basically gave up on it. I was with Lowes tech support when they wrecked my whole zigbee network trying to get it working. I had to delete and re-add all my zigbees.
  6. c379776

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    Who's lab?
  7. c379776

    Multi Sensor as garage door tilt sensor

    It claims temp, vibration and orientation, but in Hubitat I onlt see: Current States acceleration : inactive battery : 85 contact : closed temperature : 64.77
  8. SRF works with V1 stuff
  9. c379776

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    Got it working now.
  10. c379776

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    Yeah, I'm having pretty good luck with SRF, but I'm not getting the range performance on SRF that I had on IRIS with Gen-1. Then there are all the missing bells and whistles that are still to be developed. Trying to be patient.
  11. c379776

    Best Contact Sensor for Outdoor use

    I have a few Gen 1 IRIS contact sensors outside. Two of them on my gates that have been directly exposed for a few years. No problems at all. No coatings or anything. The stock o-ting does the job. I also have a few in a very humid nursery that have also been flawless. I'm going to miss the gen1 devices.
  12. c379776

    Multi-platform interference problem? coincidence?

    Hubitat: I am using the Echo intrgration for contact sensor chimes and there is a Zone manager that will do the motion stuff you are looking for.
  13. c379776

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I'm paid in full over $3k . I don't hate you Lowe's!
  14. c379776

    Hubitat Compatible Devices Wiki

    Yes. Its working, but only ON or OFF, which is really all I need. The device screen is pretty cryptic for the Orbit.
  15. Yup they are on the HE list too. HAve to ty one.