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  1. paracanary

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    Could someone comment on 1 vs 2 radio sticks. Off the top of my head, wouldn't 1 radio stick be half the speed of using 2 radio sticks. 1 stick would have to keeps switching frequencies, thus half the speed or does it really make a difference.
  2. paracanary


    Phatalbert1000 From my memory, it would be a one time fee in line with other systems. An internet connection would be required to register the software to the hub and then it would not be needed. I think the software is tied to the hub. If you lose the hub, you have to buy new software (my interpretation). Deactivation of the software so you could install software on a new hub was not mentioned. Updates for new functions would be charged but voluntary. I sent about $150, but a Raspberry pi can be used for a lot of other things if you do not like the software. I think I am going to like the software from what I have read. edit: Then there will be a small monthly charge for cloud services if you want that. Something similar to vpn
  3. paracanary


    I haven't seen any mention of Iris cameras. Does the 130 devices you mentioned include V1 or V2 cameras
  4. paracanary

    Fatal Habitat bug with iris sensor

    I tried what you suggested. As before the sensor still reports battery %, contact, and temp. Opening and closing the window is reflected in the hub immediately. Now when I pull out the battery to simulate a sensor failure, the hub says everything is fine and the battery level is ok, the temp and window position is reported in the hub as it was before I pulled out the battery. In Iris, there is a red dot when a sensor is off line. In the habitat hub, how do you tell. You could have a lot of sensors off line, think you are secure when you really are not. I am curious if this is the way your hub works.
  5. paracanary

    Fatal Habitat bug with iris sensor

    I bought Habitat as a backup system to use after the shutdown. Presents works fine with Iphone and android. Iris window contact sensor Ver 2 works fine EXCEPT the sensor does not report back to the hub its status. When I pull the battery out of the sensor, the hub says it is still connected and reports a battery %. Rebooting the hub and refreshing the sensor still report it is still connected and still reports battery % even though there is no battery in the sensor. The only way to know if a sensor is not working or low battery is to activate the sensor and see if the hub responds. I do not know if this applies to other Iris sensors or other brands but this is a no go for me.
  6. paracanary


    Good question, I was wondering the same thing. On their website they mention a xbee board with a high gain antenna connecting to the GPIO Raspberry interface (XB24CZ7WITB003). I would like to know the differences in performance between this and the usb interface.
  7. paracanary


    I am planing on recording video from 4 cameras and it is the same card I use in my Cell phone. I do not know if continuous recording will slow down my network too much, but if it doesn't I don't want to run out of space because of an extra $50 for a larger capacity card. Also, may want to backup the system to that card.
  8. paracanary


    for the case i am getting Raspberry Pi Case Aluminum Alloy – SunFounder Raspberry Pi 3B+,3, 2, B+ Enclosure Metal Case with Heat Dissipation Silica Pad from amazon for 28.99 SD card Samsung 256GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME256GA/AM) two DIGI XU-Z11 for iris ver 1 and 2 homeseer usb My wife doen't even have the iris app on her phone. All she cares about is that the alarm goes on automactically when she leaves and off when she returns. Amazon Alexa control the lights with her voice which she likes so there should be little change for her going to the new system. I have always wanted a Raspberry so if it doesn't work out I can use it for something else. Just out the cost of the software and network adapters. I hate leasing software vs buying it outright so hopefully there will be a choice. For me the cost is worth it to just go back to Iris v1 programing with modes.
  9. paracanary

    V2 keypad teardown

    thegillion: could you explain why my hack did not work. I wanted to increase the range of the ir detection so that as I approached the keypad it would turn on. Stock it would not turn on unless my hand was within 1 inch of the keypad. It was easier just to push a button. So I took the keypad apart as per video and without the front cover or keypad on the range increased to 9 inches which was a great improvement. So I drilled out the 2 holes in front which was a mistake. When I lay just the keypad cover on the front, the ir detection stops working. Remove the keypad cover it works. Why is that? No great loss - everything else works and the ir detection was worthless anyway.
  10. Great post. I like the Lexa app better that the firestick app unless I am watching amazon tv. And now we have groups.
  11. Just discovered that I can control Alexa and thus IRIS using voice on my smartphone with the amazon fireTV Remote app.
  12. paracanary


    The function of the check box varies with where it is. In the rules card the check box indicates the status of a rule based on its schedule and does not activate or inactivate a rule. In the lights and switches card, The check box does activate and inactivate a schedule. Did I get this right. It is very confusing.
  13. paracanary

    Vacation Mode in V2 - Not just a scene

    I agree with DHolovacko. I want my lights on and off sequence to be tied to scenes so that when I am away it will be different than when I am at home. V1 did this but not V2 or is there a way to do this?
  14. paracanary

    Abnormal Behavior

    This happens to me whenever the termite inspector comes over and uses his custom tablet to connect to something. Iris gets jammed by the RF. The hub searches for all of my sensors and the alarm goes to away. If Iris gets jammed, I do like my alarm being turned on but I am not sure it will activate if it cannot connect to any sensors.
  15. paracanary

    Trigger Events

    I have my system set to alarm with two devices and this has prevented false alarms caused by motion sensors. For doors which I am concerned about, I put two contact sensors on the door so that if the door is opened, the alarm triggers instantly because two contact sensors are activated at the same time. A little more expensive, but it is a work around for Iris not having zones.