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  1. paracanary

    V2 keypad teardown

    thegillion: could you explain why my hack did not work. I wanted to increase the range of the ir detection so that as I approached the keypad it would turn on. Stock it would not turn on unless my hand was within 1 inch of the keypad. It was easier just to push a button. So I took the keypad apart as per video and without the front cover or keypad on the range increased to 9 inches which was a great improvement. So I drilled out the 2 holes in front which was a mistake. When I lay just the keypad cover on the front, the ir detection stops working. Remove the keypad cover it works. Why is that? No great loss - everything else works and the ir detection was worthless anyway.
  2. Great post. I like the Lexa app better that the firestick app unless I am watching amazon tv. And now we have groups.
  3. Just discovered that I can control Alexa and thus IRIS using voice on my smartphone with the amazon fireTV Remote app.
  4. paracanary


    The function of the check box varies with where it is. In the rules card the check box indicates the status of a rule based on its schedule and does not activate or inactivate a rule. In the lights and switches card, The check box does activate and inactivate a schedule. Did I get this right. It is very confusing.
  5. paracanary

    Vacation Mode in V2 - Not just a scene

    I agree with DHolovacko. I want my lights on and off sequence to be tied to scenes so that when I am away it will be different than when I am at home. V1 did this but not V2 or is there a way to do this?
  6. paracanary

    Abnormal Behavior

    This happens to me whenever the termite inspector comes over and uses his custom tablet to connect to something. Iris gets jammed by the RF. The hub searches for all of my sensors and the alarm goes to away. If Iris gets jammed, I do like my alarm being turned on but I am not sure it will activate if it cannot connect to any sensors.
  7. paracanary

    Trigger Events

    I have my system set to alarm with two devices and this has prevented false alarms caused by motion sensors. For doors which I am concerned about, I put two contact sensors on the door so that if the door is opened, the alarm triggers instantly because two contact sensors are activated at the same time. A little more expensive, but it is a work around for Iris not having zones.
  8. You can disarm your alarm without a pin with IVEE by saying "set mode to at home". This assumes that you have home mode set with the alarm off.
  9. if you click the alarm box on the home page (alarm details and configuration) you will get a graphic display of sensor status for sensors which are active for the alarm mode you are in.
  10. paracanary

    IVEE Questions/Discussion

    I called IRIS about the security issue and they will talk to Ivee but I haven't heard from Ivee. I have a work around so everyone should know about this. Ivee can be easily controlled outside your house if you have a window partially opened. The bad guy sees your IRIS sign in front. Walks around and sees a partially open window with Ivee sitting on your desk. He says "Hello Ivee" Set home mode to at home. Your alarm is turned off without a code. Then Hello Ivee " unlock all locks. You know what happens next. My solution until they take those commands out is to put Ivee on a smart plug so that when the alarm is on Ivee is off and Ivee is turned on when the alarm is off. It is amazing how good the speech recognition is if you know the vocabulary. I can control Ivee from another room if I speak loud enough.
  11. paracanary

    IVEE Questions/Discussion

    There is a really bad security flaw in the iris command structure. I notified them yesterday about it. It is pretty obvious but I do not want to say exactly what it is until they fix it or until I return Ivee.
  12. paracanary

    Using motion to turn on switches?

    Found my first bug and workaround with Ivee. If you want to conrol multiple leds in a group individually, you have to update the device list with leds out of the group and then put the leds in the group and update again.
  13. paracanary

    Using motion to turn on switches?

    I installed Ivee and it is a lot of fun. It some what solves the problem of dim settings with LED. The dim setting can not be controlled with Ivee because the LED is not a dim switch. The dim setting is remembered for each individual LED in a group when the group is turned on with Ivee. The dim setting just have to be initially set with a smart phone or web. So I preset dim setting to a value. Turn the LEDs with the wall switch and they go to full brightness. Say "Hello Ivee" turn on LED which can be in a group and the led changes from full brightness to the preset dim value. Good enough for me and it will only get better. Also, can yell at it outside the room and Ivee responds.
  14. paracanary

    Using motion to turn on switches?

    Good to know that the incandescents work. I am using the IRIS dimmable leds and they dim correctly if turned on by the smartphone IRIS app. If turned on my a smart button or motion sensor they go to 100% brightness and this is displayed on the smartphone. If I turn them off and then on with a smartphone they go to the previous dim settings. So the smart button isn't so smart or is it the programers
  15. paracanary

    Using motion to turn on switches?

    Dusterp When I use a motion sensor or smart button to turn on an LED, it goes to full brightness and the previous dim settings are lost. I have to manually set the dim setting with my smart phone or web page. Did you find a way around this bug?