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  1. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Brave New (SmartThings) World: "The Final Countdown" Well, I've pretty much moved everything over to ST with a few exceptions (which I'll cover in a sec). For the most part, I found the installation of new native ST devices and the migration of my existing compatible devices pretty painless. I did experience some mild frustration with a few of the multipurpose sensors not being detected after scanning the QR code, but I eventually got them paired. Almost all of my legacy devices (sirens, smoke/CO2 detectors, Osram LIGHTIFY lights, GE In-Wall and plug-in dimmers) came over flawlessly. I had a problem paring my GE outdoor smart plug, though. I suspect it may be because it had been disconnected from Iris and I chose to force delete it - therefore requiring a device reset before pairing it to ST. Instructions on resetting it was scarce and what I did find didn't seem to work, so I put it aside and moved on. I also still need to migrate my Utilitech Glass Break Sensor. It, too, is disconnected from Iris (for some reason) - but I'll make sure I re-pair it to Iris then delete it clean before migrating it over to ST. Other than those few items, things have gone rather smoothly. As for rules and scenes, they are a work in progress. I did run up against a limitation on the ST side that I didn't have with Iris. In Iris, I had rules that turned on lights when motion was detected on sensors in my kitchen, stairway, and driveway. The lights would turn on for a set amount of time, then turn off when motion was no longer detected. In the native ST automation, there was no parameter to turn the lights back off after a certain amount of time. Luckily, there was a ST-supported SmartApp that provided this parameter and now my lights perform accordingly. I find the addition of a robust developer community in ST a definite advantage over the traditionally closed Iris platform. There's another factor of the ST migration that I need to resolve, though. That is mirroring the audible warning I used to get from my Gen 1 Iris keypad (that I, of course, can no longer use on ST). I discovered that via 3rd-party applets that my Sonos speakers can be used to broadcast text-to-speech notifications of sensor triggers - but I cannot get the ST hub to detect the Sonos speakers. According to blog posts and ST's own site, I should be able to just add the Sonos speakers like I would any other device, but they refuse to be detected. I've opened a ticket with ST on this. In the meantime, I learned that I can create similar announcements using the routines engine for Alexa. And while the routines engine only allows you to hear the announcements on one Alexa device, you can send these announcements to the Alexa App on your mobile phone (a better option when you're away from home anyway). Unfortunately, after the first initial tests, I haven't received any announcements on my mobile phone since. So I'll look into this this weekend. Overall, so far so good.
  2. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    "Brave New (SmartTHINGS) World..." Although I've chosen SmartThings as my post-Iris platform, I've only added a few motion and door sensors so far. Due to some upcoming travel, I decided not to be beta testing a new security platform while I'm out of town. Once I return, I'll begin migration in earnest. That said, I did successfully configure the SHM auto-arm feature using both an arrival sensor and my smartphone as triggers. I was even able to get that Iris garage door controller that I bought back in Nov 2017 but could never get paired to Iris to work. Pretty satisfied, so far. One thing from the Iris world that I am interested in duplicating are the warning/grace period beeps that my two keypads emitted when security is breached. Unfortunately, I have two V1 Iris keypads and never bothered to pick up any Gen 2 or 3 versions, so I can't bring them over to ST. And I'm actually ok with operating without keypads, but I do like the audible warning beeps that the keypads offered. Any of you SmartThings gurus have any ideas on how to duplicated the aforementioned feature? I've got 3 Utilitech sirens that I'll be migrating over. Can those be used to emit warning and full-on breach alarm sounds?
  3. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Yeah, both the phone and fob were gone. But it seems to be working now. Maybe removing the phone from the routine did the trick. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Thanks Dusterp, Got the SHM in the Classic app set up and designated the fob in the "Away" Routine. But, for some reason, it still didn't trigger when I left this morning. I did have both the fob and the smartphone checked as proximity options in the routine, so maybe that was it. I unchecked the smartphone and we'll see what happens when I get home today.
  5. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    "Brave New (Smart) World..." I've decided to go with SmartThings after Iris and - a couple of weeks ago - decided to pick up a v3 Hub and a motion sensor early (i.e. before getting my card) so I could start getting used to the interface. I got my Visa card on Monday and used it to purchase another motion sensor, a multipurpose (contact) sensor, and an arrival sensor. For me, getting the security protocols online is the most important at the outset. After not seeing an option to have the Smart Home Monitor (SHM) automatically arm when the arrival sensor left the premises in the new ST app, I downloaded the Classic app. I just created a routine that's supposed to set the SMH to 'Away' when the arrival sensor left. But already having been out of the house when I created it must be why the SMH state hasn't changed on it's own. I'll see if the 'Home' routine triggers this evening when I return home. I did set up a similar automation in the new ST app - one that uses my smartphone proximity to change the SMH state - but it did not trigger the automation this morning when I left. I did not see an option to use the arrival sensor to trigger the SMH in the new app. I'm guessing/hoping, then, that I can use the Classic app with the v3 hub to do everything I want to do - until ST decides to get the new app on parity.
  6. steeladonis

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Got mine on Monday. No e-mail notification, no tracking. I was at work at the time of arrival. The mail carrier rang my Ring doorbell for a signature and I asked her to just leave the card in my box. She signed for me and told me not to tell anyone :-). I left the office immediately to retrieve my card out of the mailbox. Not too thrilled about not getting the notification, but I'm not gonna cry about it. Lowe's really did us a solid by trying to make us "whole" on the way out the door and I'm thankful.
  7. steeladonis

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Where did you find this info, exactly?
  8. steeladonis

    Platform Poll

  9. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Double check marks are Iris devices that work on the other platforms... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Double Checks are Iris devices that work on the other platforms... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. steeladonis

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    All, In light of the the announcement regarding Iris, I threw together this spreadsheet to help me explore alternative platforms (SmartThings and Wink, for now). It's crude and unfinished, but it really helped me quantify some stuff a lot quicker. I've attached the spreadsheet this reply. Please feel free to modify with your own data. FYI - on the "Device & Feature Match-Up" worksheet, the double checkmarks are devices that support Iris devices that I already own. Hope you find this useful! Iris Replacement System Worksheet.xlsx
  13. steeladonis

    Iris is Officially Done

    2) My Orbit Sprinkler device is showing on my redemption list...
  14. steeladonis

    Alarm Continues Arming Itself

    The alarm armed again several times, so I called tech support. We were seeing the key fob's status fluctuate between 'Home' and 'Away'. Tech support had me remove the battery for 10 seconds and replace. I found it somewhat telling that she didn't suggest we unpair/repair -but she probably knows what a PITA those things are to pair. Anyway, removing/replacing the battery seemed to quiet the issue for about an hour then the alarm armed again. So I just removed the batter and disabled any related rules. Ridiculous. So there is no v3 of the so-called "Smart Fob"? Is it just a v2 fob "pig" with lipstick?
  15. steeladonis

    Alarm Continues Arming Itself

    Well, the batteries check out, but the fob doesn’t seem to respond when I press the buttons. I mean, I always had to STAND on the dang buttons for it to work anyway (‘cause the Gen 2 fobs were pretty much garbage) - but now I’m gettin’ nothin’. Oh - and my alarm just armed again - so the hub reboot didn’t work... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk