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    Multiple False Alarm Triggers

    Has anyone else been experiencing false alarms with their Iris sytems? For the past 3 weeks or so, my alarm has been falslely triggered at various times day and night by a motion sensor and now an Iris indoor camera. Also, I'm trying to go to the Alarms page on the portal to remove the camera from the active alarm device list and the page won't render content (only menu banner). Is something going on with Iris???
  2. steeladonis

    Iris Camera Quality

    Do the Dahua cams work with Iris? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. steeladonis

    Iris Hub Bandwidth Usage Change

    Vettester, I also have Google Wifi. How are you seeing Iris Hub traffic? Is your hub directly or indirectly hardwired to your main node? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. steeladonis

    Keen Smart Vents

    Good to know. Maybe I’ll snag one from eBay. Thanks for the insight, all! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. steeladonis

    Keen Smart Vents

    I finally got around to pulling the trigger on a Keen Smart Vent, only to discover that they are no longer listed on the Iris product page or the general Lowe’s site. Anybody know why or have any experience with them? Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. steeladonis

    Keen Smart Vents

    Yeah, I saw the price increase too. I also found a CNET review that said Keen had implemented updates that fixed a number of the previous issues. That said, there’s NO WAY I’m paying 100+ for a product with flaky connectivity. There are a few products that work directly with Nest. Maybe a solution exists there... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. steeladonis

    Nest now compatible with Iris

    Hmmm. I purchased and installed a Nest today. Installation and pairing with Iris and my Echo went well. And while I can control my temp settings via the Iris app just fine and even have the Echo tell me what the current Nest temp is, the Echo will not change the temp via voice command. If I say "Alexa, set thermostat to 82 degrees", she replies "I'm not sure what went wrong." I spoke with Iris tech support and they ultimately were not able to resolve the issue. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have any ideas?
  8. steeladonis

    Glass Break Sensor

    I purchased a Glass Break Sensor (GSB) as soon as it was available. I had some difficulty getting it paired, but Iris tech support was able to assist me with this. I'm still seeing some quirky behavior that I'm still waiting for Iris to resolve and wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing anything similar. I have my GSB deployed in my kitchen near my rear patio doors. Hence, when I'm clanking around in there, I will often set off the GSB. That's not the issue, so much. The issue is that when the GSB triggers the alarm, the system emits no audible warning other than the automated alarm warning of the SmartHub. I have 3 sirens and a keypad deployed that remain silent (and I'm OK with this also). The only way that I know that the alarm has been triggered is that I have certain lights programmed to come on when an alarm triggers and my normal e-mail and text notifications. That's it. I opened a ticket with Iris tech support a little over a month ago and while they've been very proactive and responsive and forthcoming about the infancy and lack of familiarity of the GSB, they have yet to suggest a resolution. They explained to me that - like the smoke detectors -- the GSB is meant to be listening at all times - even when the alarm state is set to OFF. This makes sense to me but - unlike the smoke detectors - there exists no control to disable it in a chosen state. I have suggested that they consider such a control. I'm interested to hear others' experiences with this device.
  9. steeladonis

    Avoid the new keyfob :(

    After several years of solid service, my girlfriend's V1 key fob needed to be replaced. So I gave her my working V1 fob and purchased a so-called "Smart" fob (henceforth referred to as the "Dumb-Fob") . The hub detected the Dumb-Fob easily enough and I changed the device name to something more relevant. However, upon looking at the "Devices" list, I noticed that there was no device icon next to the listing and the details page showed 'Unidentified Device'. So, I removed the device and attempted to re-pair it. Unfortunately, I was unable to re-pair the device, despite numerous resets and hub reboots (both on my own and with tech support). Initially, I found the Iris-produced re-pairing instructional video on YouTube and followed it. The video stated to remove and re-insert the battery, then press any button 8 times. I had already tried this, but did so again to no avail. Tech support indicated that the battery may have been the culprit, however the battery tested fine with my tester. After replacing the battery yielded no result, I exchanged the Dumb-Fob at my local Lowe's. The experience with the replacement Dumb-Fob was exactly the same - only this time, tech support instructed me to reset the device by removing the battery and - with the battery still removed - press any button FIVE times (not EIGHT, as the video instructs). The exact same result occurred as did with the first device: unable to pair. In fact, despite the button backlights showing initially when the battery is seated, they never lit again despite multiple button presses. Again, tech support suggested the battery but - luckily- this time, I had a fresh battery to test and that produced the same negative result. It's not the battery that's garbage, it's the device that's garbage. I was also curious about the disparity of button presses that tech support advised during both calls. A quick check of the Iris support site revealed that the video states EIGHT button presses, but the written instructions state FIVE. Seriously? I asked tech support if there were any V1 fobs laying around (because those old things actually WORKED) but - of course - they didn't have any. In the end, they just ended up sending me out yet another Dumb-Fob which will probably be just as useless as the previous two. I'm really getting tired of dealing with this V2 garbage. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
  10. A mistake that surprises no one... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. steeladonis

    Lowe's presence at CES 2017

    To be perfectly honest, Iris not being at CES doesn't bother me much at all. When Iris participated at past shows, they showed off a bunch of stuff most of which took over a year to make it to market and some never made it at all (i.e. soil sensor). I'd much rather see them keep their mouths shut about any vaporware they may have floating around and complete the still-ongoing V1 parity (including but not limited to a solid, usable web interface, offline processing). I'd MUCH rather have Iris improve its communication to current users regarding upgrades, outages, and progress on the much-documented and highly-lamented bugs and lack of parity. Unless Iris wants to showcase improvements these things, I could care less about their presence at CES...
  12. This is interesting - but disappointing. I deployed the original Arlo wireless cameras this summer and really like them. And I'd LOVE to use them with my Iris system. I'm disappointed to read that they only work with the Pro version.
  13. steeladonis

    Oct. 26 iOS app update 1.14.1

    I, too, have noticed non-responsiveness from the app. My issue is with the Iris thermostat. I can successfully change the temp setting via my Echo, but not via the app. If I change the temp via the app, the app does not reflect the new temp setting (ex. current temp is 64. I manually change to 68. Temp reading remains on 64.) And this is not simply the app misreporting the current settings (i.e. the command goes through and the app is just not refreshing the screen), the app does not appear to be executing the command. So, right now, the only way to change is via my Echo (and, I assume, manually from the thermostat touch panel (which, I admit, I haven't confirmed)). All of this has been going on for nearly a week.
  14. steeladonis

    For those wanting to try Echo

    Disabling/re-enabling the Iris skill within Alexa brought everything back. This actually happened a few months ago, but I forgot what I did to resolve the issue. Everything is as it was. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  15. steeladonis

    For those wanting to try Echo

    I just returned home after a one-day business trip. Upon returning today, Echo control over my Iris devices (lights, thermostat). I'm getting "Sorry. The device or group is not responding. Before leaving yesterday, I muted all of my Echo units - but I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Sent from my iPad Air 2 using Tapatalk
  16. steeladonis

    For those wanting to try Echo

    Wow - really?? I've got 4 Echo's and 2 Dots deployed overall and a 3/1 Echo-to-Dot deployment on my 2nd floor. The ESP feature worked in all tests. Are all of your devices on the same SSID? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  17. steeladonis

    For those wanting to try Echo

    FYI For those of you with multiple Echo units, it looks like Amazon pushed out the update that allows the Echo unit that hears you the best to be the only one to respond. I have three Echo units on my 2nd floor and shouted commands within earshot of all and, each time, only one responded. Very nice.
  18. steeladonis

    Firmware updates

    Lowes has got to do a better job at communicating these firmware updates and/or at least giving us a choice as to when/if to implement them. Yesterday evening, during dinner, my alarm scene (the one that runs when all key fobs are away) ran all by itself - shutting off all lights (including the one in the dining room where I was eating) and activated all motion sensors and cameras. Not the end of the world in that case, certainly - but what if I was out of town and some erratic behavior or false alarm occured as a result of a forced update? Lowes has got to understand that people are not only using this system for lights and thermostats, but for real security - and you just can't willy-nilly push updates out that can potentially screw with a user's security environment without notification. Even Apple (and I assume Android) allows you to choose to apply updates when it makes the most sense to the user which - to me - is a lot less mission-critical than the safety and security of my home. Do better, Lowes! Please!!
  19. steeladonis

    Firmware updates

    A few questions for all... 1) How do you know/see that a device firmware has been updated? 2) I've noticed over the past few days that certain devices have been acting flakey. Lights don't pop on when motion is detected. Last night I noticed that several partial-mode contact sensors did not trigger the alarm when the alarm was armed. Upon reading that there had been updates pushed out, I now figure that this may be the cause. Has anyone else noticed erratic behavior from their devices?
  20. steeladonis

    Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Available Today for Pre-Order!!!!

    I'd be very surprised if Google would integrate with Iris - seeing as how Iris is a competing HA platform. Amazon happens to be in a sort of sweet-spot as they don't directly compete in the HA arena - therefore they look more attractive to manufacturers looking to add voice-command services but don't want to (or don't have the resources to) develop their own (like Iris). By integrating with IFTTT and providing an API channel, they've positioned themselves as sort of a voice-command glue, an easy plug-in that can connect to all kinds of stuff. By the time Apple and Google finally get in the game fully, many of their target demographic may have already purchased (and fallen in love with) an Echo (like me). (Kinda reminds me of what happened with Glock when they introduced the Glock 43. By the time Glock brought out the single-stack 9mm that their target audience had been begging for for years, most of them had already purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, LOVED it, and wasn't interested in purchasing the 43...). Pretty slick strategy, Amazon...
  21. I just ordered 3 of them!!!
  22. steeladonis

    Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Available Today for Pre-Order!!!!

    Looks like Amazon isn't screwing around. And just in time for the holidays. At this price, it makes for a very powerful Christmas gift as well as an opportunity to have one in every room!
  23. steeladonis

    Smart Plug vs Smart Bulb?

    Agreed. I have smart plugs/switches and smart bulbs - some of which I'm using with motion sensors (to be used as occupation sensors) in various rooms. In my master bathroom, I've deployed two smart bulbs (Osram A19 dimmables) controlled by a single conventional dumb-switch - and in my kitchen I've deployed an in-wall GE dimmer switch. When entering both rooms, the occ sensors will trigger the lights to come on as programmed. However, there are times that I don't want the lights to come on (late at night quick bathroom runs (I have plug-in night lights for those purposes)) or a quick fridge grab. I've found the kitchen deployment (smart in-wall dimmer with dumb bulbs) to be more flexible than the bathroom deployment (dumb switch with smart bulbs). With the kitchen deployment, I can dim the bulbs to 5% then turn off - so the next time I enter the kitchen and the occ sensor triggers, the lights come on at 5%. If I need more light, I can either manually or use the excellent Echo integration to raise the illumination level. Of course, before leaving the room I have to lower the illumination level back to 5% then turn off but - again - this is very easy with Echo. The master bath is less forgiving because the lights seem to always come on at full intensity - irrespective of what the previous setting is. Heck, even with the intensity level at it's lowest, the Osram lights are still too bright for my taste. And if I manually turn off the switch, that wipes out the rule timer (set to turn off after 15 minutes) when I manually turn the switch back on - and sets the lights back to full intensity. So I'm seriously thinking of installing a smart dimmer in the bathroom with some dumb bulbs and redeploying the Osram bulbs elsewhere. I also have 2 Sylvania smart floodlights and a V1 motion sensor deployed on the front fascia of my garage for my driveway. This light is controlled by a dumb switch which is powered on all the time. This works OK for this use case because I'm using Iris rules to control when it comes on.
  24. steeladonis

    Android App Screen Orientation

    I wanted to deploy a cheap tablet to use as a control center for Iris (amongst other things) that I would mount on my wall in various spots in my house. Traditionally, I'm an Apple guy but I decided on the Amazon Fire Tablet (8Gb) because of the $50 price tag. I was already aware that I would have to load the Google Play Store on the device via an easy hack and completed this step without issue. After installing the Iris app, however, I discovered that the app will only display in portrait mode and will not change to landscape mode when the tablet is rotated. Anybody have an idea of why this may be? Thanks.
  25. steeladonis

    Android App Screen Orientation

    That makes sense. Luckily, I'm only looking to do minimal Iris control stuff on the tablet (i.e. turn lights on/off, start/stop the sprinkler, etc.) - most of which I can do verbally now via the Echo integration . Viewing video, I'd do on my iPhone or iPad which is always within reach anyway. I just wish I knew this before I laid out the scratch for the tablet - but it's all good. I can do other things on the tablet (modify grocery list, check weather, check my PlantLink sensors, etc.) pretty well - and are nice in landscape mode as displayed on the iPad I have on my fridge. Hopefully they'll suss that stuff out at some point.