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  1. scunny


    Maybe Nest?
  2. scunny

    Warning About Version 2 Hub Resets

    I push V1 contact sensors far beyond their specified limits frequently and have been for 6 years. Your hub failed.
  3. scunny

    Use Tilt Sensor to trigger alarm

    This item was removed as a participating device when local processing was implemented. You can call support and they can add it back.
  4. scunny

    Cameras discontinued? Whats going on with iris?

    I just found this one available in a local store and available for shipping.
  5. He's talking about using the Smart Thing platform.
  6. I'm seeing this on my Echos but not the dots yet.
  7. scunny

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    I have one of these in Satin brand new with a good price if anyone needs one.
  8. scunny

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    Same here, 100% since May 22 replacement.
  9. scunny

    Iris Web Portal

    I'm having a problem also.
  10. scunny

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    If you have a revision a v2 keypad (those manufactured prior to February 2018) call support and ask them to manually downgrade the FW to the previous version (1100). This should solve the battery drain problem.
  11. scunny

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    I'm seeing the same thing on V2 keypads. Let me do some poking around and see what I can find out.
  12. Done. Will ship in the morning. Thanks.
  13. I have a handful of these. Brand new in packs of 4. 4 pack increments only because I do not want to break the seal. $32.00 for the 4 pack plus shipping. I might consider paying the shipping for more than a 4 pack.
  14. scunny

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    I was able to pair a Gen 2 Aeon Labs energy meter. It paired as an uncertified device that "works with Iris" and it was an available device in an energy rule. I'll clamp it on the mains over the weekend and test it out to see if the rule works.
  15. I have one brand new in factory sealed box. $150.00 plus shipping.