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  1. scunny

    Door Chimes

    Not sure about the royalty free ringtones but on the Alexa Announcement create a virtual simulated Alexa switch. Build a rule to turn the switch on when the button is pressed and build the announcement routine to fire when the switch is turned on. I would add a power allowance or some other means to turn the virtual switch back off so it's ready the next time around.
  2. scunny

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Thanks Terminal.
  3. scunny

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Can you point me in the direction of the 4+? Couldn't find anything.
  4. scunny

    Non-resettable V2 keypad giveaway

    I'll take it over Otto. I'm in Florida, cheaper shipping. Just kidding 😁
  5. scunny

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Ecobee. The newest version 4 is currently on sale at 199 and you can get a 20 off Lowe's coupon on eBay for a couple of bucks.
  6. scunny

    I have been caught completely offguard

    At this time the hub is not usable but may be in the future. The thermostat may very well be usable on another platform. What is the model?
  7. $125 shipped. This is my current thermostat and the only reason I'm selling it is because of the recent decision by Google to halt the Works With Nest program. It is in absolute perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. I have all of the original packaging including unused mounting hardware, back plate and documentation. If you want this type of thermostat this is a great change to save 50%.
  8. Who said anything about motions?
  9. I'll trade you 100 V1 Contacts for your V2 contact and you tote the freight.
  10. scunny

    Gen 1 device limit?

    We're finding many things work better with other platforms but likewise we're finding Iris made some of the routine tasks much easier to accomplish.
  11. scunny

    Gen 1 device limit?

    I quoted a post that said a limit of 32 was false not that there was no limit.
  12. scunny

    Gen 1 device limit?

    To further this I have communicated with Steve White, former Iris power user that worked closely with Hubitat to development the current ZigBee stack and he says this is totally false information. He currently has V1 devices that far outnumber 32 working just fine with Hubitat. I'll see if I can muster up enough V1 devices to push Hubitat to it's limit and report back.
  13. scunny

    Looking for 2nd gen motion

    Yes I have both V1 flavor.