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  1. scunny

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    Same here, 100% since May 22 replacement.
  2. Has anyone else noticed the image on the camera card is cropped and stretched after the last update?
  3. scunny

    Iris Web Portal

    I'm having a problem also.
  4. scunny

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    If you have a revision a v2 keypad (those manufactured prior to February 2018) call support and ask them to manually downgrade the FW to the previous version (1100). This should solve the battery drain problem.
  5. scunny

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    I'm seeing the same thing on V2 keypads. Let me do some poking around and see what I can find out.
  6. Done. Will ship in the morning. Thanks.
  7. I have a handful of these. Brand new in packs of 4. 4 pack increments only because I do not want to break the seal. $32.00 for the 4 pack plus shipping. I might consider paying the shipping for more than a 4 pack.
  8. scunny

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    I was able to pair a Gen 2 Aeon Labs energy meter. It paired as an uncertified device that "works with Iris" and it was an available device in an energy rule. I'll clamp it on the mains over the weekend and test it out to see if the rule works.
  9. I have one brand new in factory sealed box. $150.00 plus shipping.
  10. scunny

    Keen Smart Vents

    I've had one for a long time with no connectivity issue. Lowe's no longer sells them but they are still and will be supported.
  11. scunny

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    I do not think it will work with Iris but I'd love to hear you feedback.
  12. scunny

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    I have the new version. Any hope of using that with Iris?
  13. scunny

    Thermostat Question

    Nest works with Iris but also can run based on presence without Iris. IOW, Iris is not needed to do what you want with a Nest.
  14. scunny

    Iris Hub Bandwidth Usage Change

    Maybe more local processing?
  15. scunny

    Keypad does not arm house anymore just beeps

    It sounds like you have an open sensor somewhere. Try arming from the app and see if it warns of an open sensor.
  16. The recent security update has caused the Gillion's wen portal to fail. Please make your voice heard here if you want this fixed.
  17. scunny

    Hubitat and Iris

    V2 only.
  18. scunny

    For those with kids

    I do something similar but use a wall outlet to energize a 12 volt power supply that sounds an outdoor siren. Alarm triggered turns the outlet on and alarm turned off turns the outlet off. There's a post about it here somewhere.
  19. scunny

    Keeping light bulb percentage during Scenes

    Yes, if you add an action to turn a light on or off and it's a dimmer you'll have an option to set the percentage level. Also if you have a dimmable device you can set the level manually and it will turn on at the previous set level.
  20. scunny

    Well ring is out

    Got it, thanks for the detailed response.
  21. scunny

    Well ring is out

    I don't use one simply because of my entry foyer and where I'd have to put it to hard wire it. What are you guys seeing to call it junk?
  22. scunny

    Iris V2 Keypad replacement news or options?

    I believe there is a new keypad on the short term horizon.
  23. scunny

    My iris grade is...

    If you were to give Iris a grade right now would it be A,B,C,D or F and please only list one item that you based the grade on.
  24. scunny

    Notify on camera movement

    Motion detected, activate switch. Select an outlet or smart plug and have something plugged into it so when it turns on, or off, you'll know there's been motion.
  25. scunny

    Low voltage lightning control with zones

    I think for well within your aforementioned budget you can do this.