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  1. The recent security update has caused the Gillion's wen portal to fail. Please make your voice heard here if you want this fixed.
  2. Hubitat and Iris

    V2 only.
  3. For those with kids

    I do something similar but use a wall outlet to energize a 12 volt power supply that sounds an outdoor siren. Alarm triggered turns the outlet on and alarm turned off turns the outlet off. There's a post about it here somewhere.
  4. Keeping light bulb percentage during Scenes

    Yes, if you add an action to turn a light on or off and it's a dimmer you'll have an option to set the percentage level. Also if you have a dimmable device you can set the level manually and it will turn on at the previous set level.
  5. Well ring is out

    Got it, thanks for the detailed response.
  6. Well ring is out

    I don't use one simply because of my entry foyer and where I'd have to put it to hard wire it. What are you guys seeing to call it junk?
  7. Iris V2 Keypad replacement news or options?

    I believe there is a new keypad on the short term horizon.
  8. My iris grade is...

    If you were to give Iris a grade right now would it be A,B,C,D or F and please only list one item that you based the grade on.
  9. Notify on camera movement

    Motion detected, activate switch. Select an outlet or smart plug and have something plugged into it so when it turns on, or off, you'll know there's been motion.
  10. Low voltage lightning control with zones

    I think for well within your aforementioned budget you can do this.
  11. Low voltage lightning control with zones

    Please define "a couple of lights". If that's the true meaning "a couple of lights" I think your cost estimate is certainly doable unless you're wiring a huge distance.
  12. Low voltage lightning control with zones

    I only have one motion sensor. It's mounted on the ceiling of the outside entry foyer with a rule to turn on all front outside lighting for 5 minutes scheduled for sunset related times. Nice job Vett!
  13. Low voltage lightning control with zones

    I did this several years ago. First I would suggest using all LED bulbs. This will greatly reduce the size of the transformer and will also eliminate the concern of the length of each run to the fixture. There's a post with some pics buried somewhere on this forum but I do not have time to search them out. I only have three zones. I found a weather proof box at Lowe's that holds four single gang outlets. I initially used four V1 smart plugs but later swapped them over to V2 smart plugs. This would solve your need to move over to ST later if necessary. I have the transformer on one of the plugs and a SPST relay breaking the common to each of the three zones. The box is mounted on the side of my house a fair distance from my hub and I have never had any connection problems whatsoever. Each of the plugs have consistently reported 100% signal strength. I use the sunset offset rule to have them turn on 15 minutes past sunset and off at 11 PM. This a great company for fixtures, transformers and related accessories. They have great products, great customer service and very reasonably priced.
  14. I had the same thing happen this past weekend. My settings had changed from no sounds on alarm to sirens and keypads to sound on alarm. Must have happened on an update because I had not changed the settings.
  15. Smart Things?

    There's been some recent comparison to the Smart Things platform being better and more stable. Looks like they are having some major problems as well. Cnet recently reported about the problems with Iris so I guess they felt it only fair to report similar problems about Smart Things.
  16. Lowe's Iris smart home membership jumps 40% in 2017

    The end caps in my local stores are neat also.
  17. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    I'm with you on the Aeon meter but it's not going to happen. The list of supported devices can be found in the Iris app. Without digging into the app a few come to mind that were added last year. Google Home, Amazon Echo, Yale Locks and the Philips Hue line.
  18. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    The GE Zigbee devices report energy. I use one on my air handler to let me know when the ac has turned on or off since we no longer have whole house energy monitoring. But I can't really complain as we do have the Santa tracker. Can't wait a year to use it again.
  19. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

  20. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    Looks like the Amazon Fire TV has done the same. Not that I agree but I'm thinking that the wealthiest person in history ."Bezos" and a fortune 100 company might have a better insight in the need of their companies to participate at CES.
  21. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    2.8 Is the latest Android version.
  22. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    You can also do it from the mobile app.
  23. GE Devices Having Trouble

    I've seen this before. A hub restart and optimization should bring them back. It's like the network gets congested and devices lose their routing and it all goes to hell.
  24. Slippery Cloud Connection

    I would take this up the line straight to the CEO's office if necessary. FYI, the V2 modem sent to me came from a third party company out of Miami, not directly from Lowe's. I suspect Lowe's, if necessary, has enough muscle with that vendor to get you another modem, especially if the circumstances as you explained are accurate. Please keep us updated.