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  1. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Support posted a pairing video for the Nest thermostat. Hopefully we'll get an update today.
  2. Nest now compatible with Iris

    You preserve nest settings.
  3. Version 2.4.1 is in the app store

    Android is also.
  4. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Looks like our next update will be Monday. Iris Customer, In preparation for our upcoming release 2.4 on July 31st, we will be performing general platform maintenance. Please use your Iris system as you normally would during this time. Thank you for being an Iris customer. Sincerely, The Iris Team
  5. Changing Order on Climate/temp tab

    Not sure about changing the order but you can name them alphabetically to achieve your goal.
  6. Has anyone else using Gmail been seeing some of the forum email notifications being flagged as Spam? I get a lot of forum email daily with many of them being flagged as Spam. This just started in the last couple of weeks.
  7. This requires the paid plan. There is a new feature in 2.4 on the alarm card under more > Record Security Alarm that will be on by default. It will record to all cameras for 5 minutes upon alarm. If anyone on IOS has a paid plan and a connected camera could you set a separate rule to record on alarm for 10 minutes and trigger an alarm and report the camera recording results? If you have Pro Monitoring you can call in and request an ignore on your account for x minutes to perform the test. Thanks.
  8. I'm not seeing any increased sensitivity but at least in my case my system will now trigger an alarm with just one motion detecting motion where there is supposed to be a minimum of 2 motions required to trigger.
  9. I have a brand new unopened black Echo for $135.00 plus shipping.
  10. I'm thinking Iris may be headed into fingerprint recognition. Otherwise why would we have a rule named "who pressed a smart button"? I mean how else would they know?
  11. Iris headed into fingerprint recognition?

    Are you wearing gloves?
  12. That's interesting because my test on Android was just the opposite, the alarm card setting prevailed at 5 minutes.
  13. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Iris update 2.4 brings some water flow notifications if you have a softener, one of which is excessive day of week "DOW" usage. It's tracking your water usage each DOW and will notify you if you used more than normal for a DOW. Is it possible to retrieve that DOW data and assemble a projected usage for the month?
  14. Wearable Panic Button?

    The V1 keyfob, and the V2 smart fob have an eyelet that a lanyard can be connected to. The basic plans does allow for these to be used as panic buttons.
  15. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Anyone here have a water softener and the app update?
  16. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Anyone on the Android side received the app update?
  17. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Looks strikingly similar to the Nest interface, hmm..
  18. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Neither did Otto's. I guess I was born under the wrong star.
  19. Maintenance notice from Iris

    My hub firmware is now .032 and the default sensor for reporting on the climate card has changed to another device.
  20. Maintenance notice from Iris

    The ratings on Android are improving also. Maybe someday we'll reach V1 parity and then some cool things coming:)
  21. Maintenance notice from Iris

    The web UI for the cameras is active. Update: Thanks to Otto for pointing out the screen aspect ratio is now correct.
  22. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Oh goodie, maybe we'll soon have local processing.