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  1. Hub not updating?

    You're going to have to call support.
  2. Hub not updating?

    You mention version on the site, have you checked the version on the hub device page from the app?
  3. I'd also pull the heat sink strips off of the right switch. Probably not worth much benefit but you never know and it'll take 10 seconds to do it.
  4. Camera Compatibility

    Probably not if it's not Iris branded.
  5. Iris App Version 2.6.0

    I'm guessing the caller was spot on.
  6. New to Iris, but not happy

    From the OP opening sentence... "I bought my hub and two kwikset locks this weekend, and ordered two IRIS motion sensors"
  7. Themostat problems this morning

    .52 was for Z-Wave improvements.
  8. For those having problems with Z-Wave and metal boxes, could you possibly perform a test? It's not safe and I would not suggest doing so if there are any children at home but if you could do it safely, maybe by taping off any exposed connections, but try pulling the switch out of the gang box exposing all sides and see if the problem goes away?
  9. What is the total zwave count? Pm me if you'd rather not disclose this openly.
  10. New echo to be smart home hub

    Am I missing something or haven't these commands been available for awhile?
  11. Power Outage Notifications

    Zwave continues to have issues.
  12. Power Outage Notifications

    Reverse psychology.
  13. Power Outage Notifications

  14. Iris 2.5?

    I no longer use the CT101 but there have been intermittent problems setting the temp with Alexa and Nest. I'm also and have been for several days if not weeks having to issue a command twice for an Iris function to get it to happen even though Alexa responds with OK after the first try.
  15. Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    My problem with push notifications on the Android side is that they just open the app and I can't remember but there is a small limit before the oldest push gets deleted to make room for a newer one.
  16. Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    Yes, Gmail can forward to other email addresses.
  17. Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    Set up an email account that forwards to two people and use that email for your Iris account.
  18. Clearance items

    It's not involuntary, you have a choice to not use the product if you feel you are a beta tester. Personally I would jump on the opportunity to be a beta tester if such an option exists.
  19. Hurricanes and Iris - Observations

    I think we will see local processing sooner than later.
  20. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Yep, all good.
  21. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Support posted a pairing video for the Nest thermostat. Hopefully we'll get an update today.
  22. Nest now compatible with Iris

    There has been an issue with Nest and Iris. I often find it works and 5 minutes later it fails.
  23. Something Fishy Around Here (again) [emoji23]

    I admire you guys that have such a cool setup you can detect a forthcoming update. I'd love to see that but no joy in my case.
  24. Something Fishy Around Here (again) [emoji23]

    Haven't heard anything but it's about time. What's your firmware?
  25. If anyone needs an Echo in black or white QVC has them for 74.95 in black or white with free shipping. Use code FIVE4U for an additional $5.00 off. Act now, this sale end in about 5 hours!|L|BrandProduct|electronics-_-pla-_-sNVL1ZkRq|dc_193217060063__E231174-012-000_&mkwid=sNVL1ZkRq|dc_pcrid_193217060063_pkw__pmt__productid_E231174-012-000_&