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  1. Maintenance Notice from Iris

    I think you can now control the alarm from the website too. (unless i missed this feature in a previous update)
  2. Thanks I will try that!
  3. Anyone having issues with GE OD switches in last two weeks? Mine keep going disconnected and staying that way till I go hit the power switch on it to toggle it off then on. It will then reconnect and stay maybe 3-4 hrs then drop again. Never seems to reconnect unless i power cycle it. Has only been happening about 2-3 weeks. I haven't moved any devices but i have tried rebuilding z-wave mesh form the tool many times since it started. Thanks.
  4. Anyone tried the new Google Assistant linking yet?

    Ahh, ok I don't have a google home device just a chrome cast and the google home app. The way it was described I was assuming the google assistant on the phone that links to the google home app could also be the voice activation. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone tried the Google Assitant linking that was sent out in the update email today? email link: https://www.irisbylowes.com/blog/iris-at-home/iris-google-assistant-smart-home/?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email howto page: https://support.irisbylowes.com/link/portal/30143/30206/Article/855/Other-How-to-Connect-and-use-your-Iris-Smart-Home-system-with-your-Google-Assistant I've followed all the instructions but cant see Iris as a device in selections. Do we think it needs to wait till an update of firmware?
  6. Sweet, did you mount yours or just have it on a cabinet/shelf?
  7. Thanks. I will have to look into those Pet immune ones..
  8. Ok, I thought they said #of motion sensors was the only thing that the number counted toward and that contact sensors no matter what always fired? did I misunderstand? if so whew.
  9. Thank you. I tried this week after the changes but every time i set it as soon as motion went off alarm tripped, it did not require the motion plus contact that was previous. If you get it working please let me know what I'm doing wrong.
  10. So I have a question for anyone with with pets and the new alarm requirements 4/2017. In my previous setup I had contact and glass break sensors and such on doors and windows and just one motion sensor(small open floor plan house). In the previous setup I could set it to all devices but require 2 activation's and any of the contacts + the motion sensor set the alarm off. This worked well as I could have a good alarm system but wouldn't set off for my indoor pets. With the new system it appears I can no longer use my motion sensor in my alarm scheme as it will always activate. Plus looking at the 5 minute rule if I got two or more sensors and set them up id still be in a mess if I set it to two as they have a 5 min separation and if the pet walked the whole house in less than 5 minutes it would go off. Is there any way to set up with motion sensors and contact sensors in the new system with indoor pets without having to have every single room in the house on a separate motion sensors and requiring many items to be tripped to set the alarm off? Thanks for any assistance.
  11. Amazon Echo, dot, tap etc question

  12. Amazon Echo, dot, tap etc question

    Can someone who has these devices and IRIS post an example of what all you can do with them and IRIS? I have been considering purchasing one for things like streaming music without having one of my tv's and ROKU's on, I would be curious to what all it can do with IRIS as well.
  13. Good morning. Since the V2 system doesn't seem to have this feature yet on the thermostat card is there a way to mark filter changed on the CT-101 itself? Thanks for any assistance. p.s. or just point me to the spot it can be set in v2 that i haven't found yet either option is ok
  14. OUTAGE? Friday 5/27/2016

    In now as well. Wonder if this outage foreshadows a pending firmware update...
  15. OUTAGE? Friday 5/27/2016

    IF someone gets an official answer from CS can you post it here. I wasn't able to get thru.