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  1. Iris V2 Energy Monitoring?

    According to a post on the official Iris community forum, Lowes currently has no plans of bringing this back in V2. We were duped.
  2. Deadbolt locked but iris doesn't know

    I'm glad I'm not crazy. I got onto the forum today just to see if anyone else is having this happen. I have the Schlage touch-screen deadbolt. This issue seems to have started in the last few weeks for me. I never recall having this issue in the past. It is annoying, especially since I happen to have company staying at my house right now so I'm paranoid that the lock wasn't locked properly...
  3. Is Lowe's Still Accepting Returns?

    Your best bet would be to reach out to the irisbylowes member on here directly and ask. They may have to contact the store directly to get this setup for you. I have a feeling that they may not accept that however.
  4. Halo Installed and Issues

    I didn't notice that line in the manual about only connecting to other Halo's. That is crazy! Do they really think that people will outfit their entire house with detectors that are $100/pop? Not a chance! My house has 12 detectors in it and is only 1100 Square foot .
  5. Halo's are now available

    I picked up a + last night at my local Lowes. On the Lowes website it said they only had 1 in stock, but when I got to the store they actually had four. They were all lumped together with the first alert detectors.
  6. New TOS and Privacy Policy

    Gives me the warm and fuzzies. Especially the part where basically they say they hold no responsibility to anything Iris does, or does not do. It's more or less to be trusted no more than a Toy. Glad so many of us have trusted our home's security and our safety on this platform. The irony as far as the smoke alarms go, maybe it COULD reach code if they had given us the option of the smoke alarms supporting interlink/wired connections from the get-go. But I forget, they instead wanted to make sure they sold as many detector's as possible by not designing them to work with each other. To me it feels like they were designed with the idea of making more money in mind, than actual safety gains from having them interlinked. Why sell one detector that can alert you over Iris if a single one goes off, when they could sell an entire house load instead!
  7. Halo Installed and Issues

    Thanks for the information Otto! The reviews on Lowe's website are off to a rocky start already for the Halo unfortunately it looks like. Others are seeing the same with the light turning itself off after 30 minutes. There are reports too that with the light on, the Halo's internal temperature is rising significantly during that time period. Interesting! We have one in stock at my local Lowes. I am on the fence about jumping on it just yet. $129 isn't exactly light on the wallet.
  8. Halo's are now available

    This is exciting! can the light on the Halo be scheduled then like a regular light in Iris? This would work great for a nightlight in my hallway..!
  9. My iris grade is...

    I'd give it a C-. Lack of Parity is the major issue. Really no excuse at this point. V2 has been out for how long now? Squeaking close to two years now?
  10. Iris Keypads on Sale for $10.00

    They're $16 here in Michigan. lol. EDIT: one store is $16 in my town, and the other is $10.
  11. My system has been acting up today

    29%, but that's also what it said before I replaced the batteries too.
  12. My system has been acting up today

    I have one incredibly angry spouse today. They got home with arm loads of groceries and entered in the disarm pin to the keypad and it just kept beeping. Entered it in six different times and the alarm would not disarm. The alarm started going off and would not stop. Finally after about two minutes after giving up, the blasted alarm finally stopped going off. We've been having this issue for weeks now where the keypad will continue beeping for 30 seconds or so after trying to enter in the pin and disarm the system. It is especially upsetting that I have pets and a spouse that are furious at ME because of this alarm system. Incredibly frustrating.
  13. Time to get a lottery ticket!

    This is a great addition!
  14. I've been noticing that for probably the last five days, when I come home and disarm the alarm using the keypad the system acts like I have not entered my pin number in. It will continue beeping for several seconds (sometimes up to 15!!!). I have also had it where there was a very long delay after disarming, then it would disarm. A few seconds later, the keypad on button would be lit and it would start beeping again. I've not had this issue in the past, it is definitely new. Is anyone else seeing this type of behavior?
  15. Alexa phrasing too specific? (singular vs plural)

    yes! I have been having some huge issues with this also! I ironically have the same name for a device, but have it called "living room lights." I keep asking her to turn off living room lights, and she replies back "sorry, I cannot find a device called "living room lamp" on your account. WTH! I even load the Alexa app and look at all devices, and the app even has listed living room lights, but everytime I say it, she thinks I say living room lamps.. I had to finally go in and forget it all together, and rename to upstairs lights to make it work. It was like she kept remembering an old connection I had at one time when I first setup Alexa but then removed that smart plug. It is definitely strange behavior.