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  1. coreylista

    V2 Motion and Sensor "New Device" Issue

    Well now all 3 new water leak sensors are "offline" and one of the new NYCE door hing sensors says its disconnected from the system, but not offline, and isn't communicating. What is the deal with these new V2 devices???? I thought everyone was having issues with the old V1 devices on the new V2 platform.
  2. All of my V1 devices are working perfectly with the V2 hub. Today I decided to get some new V2 contact and motion sensors and NONE of them are working. I got one contact sensor to work for about an hour and then suddenly went offline. Factory reset does absolutely nothing, the device does eventually pair but always comes up as an unknown "New Device" for all every single V2 contact and motion sensor. I installed two of the door hinge sensors as well as leak detectors and they are working just fine. Also installed an additional Siren, but it says the batteries are low even though I tested them and they are brand spanking new (another issue for another time) since I really just want to get these sensors working. Again I've done all the usual things, reset hub, factory reset all devices, etc... Then of course did it ALL over again with support and surprise, surprise it still didn't work so they moved me up to tier 2, so I am waiting for a call back from them tomorrow. Has anyone had any of these issues persist like this? I thought this stuff was fixed with the latest firmware update...
  3. coreylista

    Accessing rules problem

    I had a rule crash while I was creating it. I had to call support to have them delete it manually. That solved the issue for me.