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  1. anovinger

    Range Extender Issues

    I ended up having to call Iris support. They had to remove the repeater, on their end. Support did said it was weird that I saw the repeater plus the Iris Range Extender. The Repeater icon should only be shown when you are using a non Iris range extender.
  2. anovinger

    Range Extender Issues

    I am trying to add a range extender to my system. I got the range extender connected and both the range extender, and the repeater connects fine. Within in a hour or so the repeater will fall off of the network, and will be in a searching state, but the range extender is still connected. I have moved the extender closer to the hub and, ran the network optimization again, and the repeater will never get reconnected. I have also reset the hub and still no luck. I have emailed Iris support but have not heard back yet. Any thoughts why the repeater will not get connected back to the hub, or is it really needed since the range extender is connected?
  3. Has anyone been able to connect up an RGBW LED Light strip up to Iris system, and able to control the color, and brightness of the lights? I found this controller, that is Z-Wave compatible Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW Controller, but not sure if it will work.