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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All This weekend was my first install of Iris and I need some help. In my living room I installed 4 of these Sylvania bulbs. They are connected to my hub and are working fine through the UI. The circuit they are on is in a 3-way configuration (i.e. 2 wall switches). Here is my issue. My wife is not comfortable (yet) wih using her phone to control the lights and would like in-wall dimmers. Is there a way that I could install a set of these 3-way dimmers is a configuration where the LOAD is directly connected to the LINE, so that the bulbs always have power. I'm hoping that I can then use the swithes in a magic setting to turn on/off/dim the lights. Is this over desiging it? I went with these bulbs because of the 'works with Iris' tag and the fact that I've heard bad things about LED floods and z-wave dimmers. If there is another approach that gives me LED floods with 3-way wall dimmers then I'm open to that. Thanks in Advance Declan
  2. I wonder if the will ever add to Iris the 3-Way Dimmer Switch - Its already existing in the GE/Jasco Family and appears to have been released at the same time as the other Z-Wave devices already with Iris. GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Three-Way Dimmer Kit