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Found 4 results

  1. Selling my 4G modem. I dropped the cellular backup from our plan, and now I have no need for it. Price includes shipping for the continental US. Edit: -sold-
  2. Are there any other 4g modem/routers that are compatible with Iris for backup or are we stuck with this one...
  3. The new cell modem has three bugs: - If a door is opened before the switchover to cellular (which I believe takes at least 30 seconds, possibly sometimes up to a couple minutes), it takes 2-3 minutes to notice and sound the alarm. - It can fault out, rendering it useless. While it worked initially for me, after running on cellular for 5-10 minutes, it completely faulted out, leaving the system without any communication or function. App figured out it had lost communication a couple minutes after the hub started blinking red. I gave it about five minutes, but it never reconnected. I've got solid Verizon 4G coverage, so it wasn't Verizon. - It doesn't log anything about loss or regaining broadband to History.
  4. k9sarva

    WiFi use on V2

    I'm sure this has been covered but is it possible to use Wifi for the internet connection? or at least as a backup for internet, as I have 2 independent internet setups so it would be nice to use the 2nd as a backup via wifi at least until IRIS comes up with the promised 4G adapters.