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Found 6 results

  1. mj333

    Garage Security

    My Iris garage door opener/closer is buggy and tends to fail from time to time. I have rules set for it to close automatically at bed time. It will send a signal and it will beep and flash as it is supposed to but then will not close. The other night my camera caught a recording of someone running out of my garage (it did not get them going in as it appears they saw the camera and snuck around behind it and slid in. They went through my vehicle and left glove compartment and console lid open which is what tipped me off other than the garage door being open in the morning. Any ideas to remedy this or any hacks to trigger the alarm if someone enters my garage? I thought a motion detector would work but I see that they are only good to a certain temperature and would probably drain the battery in the summer and winter. Is there any way to link the Lowes Iris system to the safety beam in the garage?
  2. Darren


    I am looking for a rule to turn on a light when the garage door is opened. I can only find a rule to turn on the light if a door sensor is opened, but not the garage door. I am also looking for a rule to notify me if the garage door is opened for a specific amount of time. Again, I can only choose the door sensors, not the garage door. And I am looking for a rule when the security alarm is turned on but a garage door is not closed, close it and send a message. I am allowed to do it for locks but not the garage door. There is also a rule to close the garage door if alarm is turned on, but that is not exactly what I am looking for.
  3. Problem: The tilt sensor, when installed to detect garage door position, cannot easily be used as part of the "On" mode Security Alarm for two reasons: 1. If you use the keypad to turn on the alarm, you need to set a very long delay to activation to get into the car, get out, and get it closed. 2. When you return, opening the door will set off the alarm. The fob could be used if you have one, but you have to remember to press it before opening the door, and I hate trying to fish stuff out of my pockets all the time. Solution: Would be nice if the tilt sensor could be added to the devices for the "On" mode only after either a programmable delay, or once it reaches a vertical position. Would also like the alarm to hold off for a programmable delay before alerting if the only thing that trips is the tilt sensor.
  4. k9sarva

    Garage Door Controller

    I finally got my V2 up and running with the exception of the GDC. I've reset it 7 times but the hub doesn't see it. Any suggestions?
  5. dusterp

    Rest Garage Controller

    My garage controller is stuck in a searching mode and I cannot get it to remove no matter what I do. So far I've tried: Optimizing Network Add new devices Unplug and pushing the button Removing from the manage device page Remove orphaned device Unplug and pushing the button 5 times Unplug and holding the button Resetting the hub Things to note: When I lost the garage controller I was removing and repairing my range extenders to get rid of the low battery message. I lost the garage controller and irrigation controller both but was able to add the irrigation controller back no problem When I reset the hub it appeared as if it was working but reported an obstruction, I manually operated the door to clear that several times without success When I tried to remove it from the manage devices page it said cannot remove try again later and it continues to say this whenever I try again later When I tried to remove it using the remove orphaned devices it says removed Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Garage Barrier <unknown> Multiple times but never removes it and then it goes back to a Searching mode. I've tried multiple combinations of these steps multiple times with no success. I have a point open with Lowes but I've not heard back. I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions?
  6. Smooth1SITF

    Outdoor Garage Door Keypad

    Now that the Garage Door Opener is now in the store and is such a GREAT device, I would like to see them come out with an accessory for it that is a outdoor keypad for the garage door only that also reads the codes of your Contacts in Iris, similar to the door locks, so you can also control outside access. Example, I have a nephew that comes cut the grass when I am at work. I can have him come over and use his own code to open the door, and then I can see it in Iris history, or it can send me a message that he was there (of course pending a magic rule to do so)