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Found 3 results

  1. I have setup several OSRAM Flex LED Strips as Accent lights that are on a schedule to turn on to 20% brightness at specific time each night and turn off later that night. It would be nice to be able to setup a motion sensor for some of those lights so that when motion is detected the lights would gradually brighten to 100% (or some other level) over a few second interval (maybe 3 to 10 seconds), and then when motion is no longer detected, dim back down to the original "accent" level setting. This would allow the LED Strips to be used for "accent" lighting most of the time, but also serve as "workspace" lighting when somebody approaches the area/location. As for the level changing over time, it would not necessarily even need to be configurable, it just seems like it would be more ascetically pleasing if the lights did not just "flick" on to full brightness, but instead gently brightened the area as somebody approached and then dimmed back down after they exit the area. For bonus points, allow the "accent" setting to be set to a specific color and shift to white while the lights are brightening to the "workspace" setting, and then dim back down and shift back to the color setting after motion is no longer detected. Thanks.
  2. I configured a Keyfob to control my lights and smart plugs. I keep it sitting on the table next to where I sit so I can quickly turn on or off my lights. Has anyone else done this?
  3. TrishW

    Osram Lightify

    I have the Iris second gen hub which is paired to a Kwikset lock and nothing else. I bought three Osram A19 bulbs to install with the Iris. They are for the covered front porch where three separate fixtures run off of one indoor switch. The first two paired perfectly and the third would not pair at all. I switched it to different outlets, and still no pairing. I reset the hub, unpaired and repaired the bulbs, and still nothing. I've tried now 6 bulbs in all but only two ever work at a time. Are you limited to how many you can install? Do I need to pay for premium service to use more than 2? I'm really stumped here. I've been using home automation since the advent of the old X-10, so I'm no newby. I'm out of ideas.