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Found 5 results

  1. mj333

    Garage Security

    My Iris garage door opener/closer is buggy and tends to fail from time to time. I have rules set for it to close automatically at bed time. It will send a signal and it will beep and flash as it is supposed to but then will not close. The other night my camera caught a recording of someone running out of my garage (it did not get them going in as it appears they saw the camera and snuck around behind it and slid in. They went through my vehicle and left glove compartment and console lid open which is what tipped me off other than the garage door being open in the morning. Any ideas to remedy this or any hacks to trigger the alarm if someone enters my garage? I thought a motion detector would work but I see that they are only good to a certain temperature and would probably drain the battery in the summer and winter. Is there any way to link the Lowes Iris system to the safety beam in the garage?
  2. I just ordered 2 "Bosch Pro-Grade ZigBee Wireless Motion Detector ISW-ZPR1-WP13 - Requires Samsung SmartThings Hub" for $25, when I receive them I'll update if they work with Iris. Although I imagine the deal is for a limited time, I'm not familiar with sidekick deals.
  3. Depsr

    Motion Sensor Adjustment

    I placed a motion sensor outside by my garage (protected from weather). It is about 6' high on wall. I have a inside camera that views the area through a window. It is set up to record when motion is sensed by the motion sensor. It seems as though the sensor is pretty sensitive and picking up movement in the street. Does anyone know of a way I can cut down on the sensitivity of the motion sensor. Thanks in advance! Dan
  4. I have 6 motion sensors set up around my house and would like to add a couple of more, but already the History display has become difficult to use because of all the "noise" generated by the Motion Detected and Motion No Longer Detected events. It would make the History display much more useful for me if I could toggle On or Off the filtering out all of the Motion events from the display. Sometimes it is of value to see that motion events are occurring, as the Care Card display shows, but when trying to determine if the plants were watered, or if any doors have been opened recently, those events are completely lost among all the motion events if the house happens to be occupied. As an alternative (or in addition) it would be nice if each "Card" could include a History tab that by default filtered the display to only events for that Card, to easily see a History of Door and Lock events only, or Lights and Switches only, or Lawn & Garden, etc.
  5. I have setup several OSRAM Flex LED Strips as Accent lights that are on a schedule to turn on to 20% brightness at specific time each night and turn off later that night. It would be nice to be able to setup a motion sensor for some of those lights so that when motion is detected the lights would gradually brighten to 100% (or some other level) over a few second interval (maybe 3 to 10 seconds), and then when motion is no longer detected, dim back down to the original "accent" level setting. This would allow the LED Strips to be used for "accent" lighting most of the time, but also serve as "workspace" lighting when somebody approaches the area/location. As for the level changing over time, it would not necessarily even need to be configurable, it just seems like it would be more ascetically pleasing if the lights did not just "flick" on to full brightness, but instead gently brightened the area as somebody approached and then dimmed back down after they exit the area. For bonus points, allow the "accent" setting to be set to a specific color and shift to white while the lights are brightening to the "workspace" setting, and then dim back down and shift back to the color setting after motion is no longer detected. Thanks.